December 9, 2006

We are in Chengdu!!

We made it here around 2:30 this afternoon. Wow..this is a big, busy city. Bert and I are definitely the minority in this city of 10 million. I think we saw all 10 million on the way from the airport to the hotel. The driving is sooo crazy. (Misty your kids would be sooo car sick..whether I was driving or not). We met our guide and came to the hotel. After we checked in we went to a sichuan restaurant where we had smoked duck, some kind of steamed cabbage, REAL kung pao chicken and fried rice. Bert loved it!! Then we went to the Chinese supermarket and grabbed a few things. It was really cool. We forgot the camera in the I will wait until tomorrow to post pictures. We did find out we will get Sophie on Monday morning around 10:30. So for you at home that is Sunday night around 8:30. As soon as we get back to the hotel I will get the pictures uploaded. So maybe around 10ish Sunday night you will get a glimpse of Sophie Ru!! The guide said she saw Sophie about a month ago. She said she is a very happy baby and very smart. She said she looks like a doll. She said her skin is very white and tender...(I think she meant soft). AHHHHH I cannot wait to get my baby girl!!

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Amber Correy said...

Wow!! It's almost here!! How exciting!