December 15, 2006

Medical Exam

This morning we had Sophie's medical exam. The doctor said he did not hear a murmur. Praise God! This might mean Sophies VSD has closed on its own. As you can see in the picture Sophie was not too happy about part of the exam. She did well for the most part. Bert is with our facilitator right now doing paperwork and I am waiting to Sophie to get up from her nap. The walk to the medical building today was just gorgeous. We passed a large playground that was full of young and old alike exercising and playing. I think we pretty much have today free and then a group dinner tonight. Guangzhou is just a gorgeous city(at least where we are). We were also given a gift from Mattel today. It is an American mom Barbie holding a Chinese baby. Very cool. There is a large playroom here sponsored by Mattel,,we are going to go there after Sophie wakes up.


amber corey said...

awww look at that face!! how pitiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting so many pictures and comments. It is wonderful to share this special time with you guys. We are in CA this week, but I get on every day and see what is going on with Sophie. Regan is so excited for you...we get on together and just look in awe at this precious girl! Love you guys....see you next week!

Laura said...

That is awesome about the VSD:)!!!
Just a sweetie! Just four more days till we see her, we are counting them down


Anonymous said...

What a great gift from Mattel. God is so Good! What a wonderful, blessed life Sophie will have with ya'll. It sounds like ya'll are making wonderful memories. Time to come home though, don't you think? Kim H.

Anonymous said...

Tina send us a picture of Sophia with her barbie. I can't wait to play with Sophia. She is so cute. Kayla H.