December 29, 2006

So cute!!

Sophie is fitting into our family so well. I cant believe how well she is adjusting. We had such a wonderful family day yesterday. She has discovered the refrigerator and the pantry. She loves to open the fridge and browse the shelves!! Wow can this girl eat! Every morning she has at least 2 pancakes for breakfast and then eats a little more off of my plate. She woke up at 4:15 this morning and would NOT go back to sleep. She was not fussy at all, just ready to start her day. She finally loves Bert! She has went to him several times now with her arms outstretched. Talk about melt your heart! She is also sooo smart. She can do sign language for eat and more. We are working on book right now. (are you proud Sis. Bedwell). I will have to get a picture of her doing her signs. Bert went back to work last night. We really missed him.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pierce family!!! I am so happy for all of you!!! Ya'll looks so happy!! Sophie doesnt know how blessed she is!!!


Sis. Peggy Bedwell said...

Yes Yes Yes I am proud of you Sis. Tina keep up the good wk. It was so good to finally touch and know Sophie is real and @ home. I continue to pray for u and family
I am excided about Sophies future can't wait to see her receive the HG and live everyday for her God!