August 28, 2009

One month

Since we sent Jax's LOI. His 7th birthday is this Sunday. He should be getting a cake from us either today or Monday and then we will get some new pictures..I can't wait!!!!

August 27, 2009

Sophie's Medley

Sometimes it's hard to stay focused...

August 20, 2009

Just a peek..

A sweet mom from my Adopt Chengdu yahoo group sent me this picture. This was taken in June of 2008, at her son's 3rd birthday at the Chengdu CWI(he is now home). Jax is the little boy in red.  Look at him checking out that cake.  I can't wait to hug and kiss this precious boy!!

August 18, 2009

Care Package

We sent Jax a package and he should have received it last Monday. It included a letter from us, pictures of our family, books, disposable cameras and a Ultra Man action figure. We used Ladybugsnlove to send this package and Angela there is so awesome. She was so sweet and is super fast to get back to you.  We also have a cake ordered for him that will be delivered around his birthday(August 30th). I am so excited b/c the orphanage usually takes pictures of the children with their cake so that means new pics!!!  
 Many of you have asked me does he know we are his family. Well, I am sure he is starting to understand since he has the package now. Does he speak English? No, but I have no doubt that he will catch on quickly. We are also doing the Rosetta Stone Mandarin so hopefully that will help our transition a little. 

August 17, 2009

It starts...

So, today was our official first day of school. As tradition has it we stayed in our pajamas till the last possible minute and then we had a "NO back to school" party dinner with friends.  Sophie missed her nap today and fell asleep tonight sweet are these pics! All it takes is for her to actually HOLD STILL and sleep will come, it is the whole holding still part that she has trouble with. I wish you could see a really good picture of her clothes. She always wants to wear a tank top. So she has on a purple tank top, white t shirt, purple tie dye dress and blue pajama pants...she had a tiara on earlier...who knows where that went!

August 5, 2009

Looks like a Pierce to me!

We are so excited to announce the referral of our new son Gou Fa Ke..who we will rename Jaxin and call him Jax. The way this adoption has come to be is such a God thing! We are so excited about our new son. Our kids are beside themselves with excitement about their new little brother and Sophie's big brother. Jax is 6 years old. Sophie is so excited about getting a big brother from China. Jax is even from the same orphanage as Sophie. There are so many exciting details I can't wait to share!(coming soon). Our LOI was sent on July 28th and we received our PA today!! We are just beginning the paper pregnancy so we have a long road ahead of us! Please pray that all our paperwork will go quickly and smoothly and please remember little Jax in your prayers. We are praising God for our new son....more details to follow...