September 26, 2009

Sophie 4k

I haven't had a chance to post about Sophie starting 4K. She absolutely loves it! She is going 3 days a week from 9-2. She is such a little social butterfly and loves her teacher and class to pieces! It really helps me focus on school with the older 3 while she is at her pre-school. We still do some home school work with her here at home. She loves counting and doing different things with her daddy! She even got to do homework to make up what she missed while we were at Disney. I haven't decided if she will go to K-5 next year or if she will join the homeschool pack here at home. I guess it really just depends on Jax adjustment and how everything is going with that.
Uhh check out the pics,,,can you tell she is a poser??

September 20, 2009


Chengdu Gals

One of the highlights of our trip to Orlando was meeting up with two Chengdu adoption families. My friend Marye who lives in Atlanta was in Orlando w/ her family and had us come to their condo and enjoy pizza and swimming. We were also able to meet Diana and her sweet daughter Robiana who is also from Chengdu. Diana and Robiana live in the Orlando area. Robiana was adopted in March 2006 and Sophie in Dec 2006. So the girls were most likely in the orphanage together although Robiana is a year older. Marye's 2 girls are also both from Chengdu. She has a sweet 3 yr old son and is currently adopting another son from Chengdu and we are about in the same place in our paper chasing. The kids all had a blast together and I was so glad for Sophie to meet her Chengdu "cousins"!

Disney 2009

We had a wonderful trip to Disney. This was our first time to go in over 10 years. The older three were so little the first time they don't remember the trip. Bert and I wish we didn't The kids were 9 weeks, 21 mos and 3. WHAT WERE WE THINKING? We had a side by side double stroller and it rained every day. We never wanted to go back. Well, it took us 10 years to get up the nerve to try again and it was so worth it! If you have never been to it is worth going and using them to plan your trip. We did not waste a moment and were able to see and do everything that we wanted. I was able to get a great deal on our room at and get our tickets cheaper through undercover tourists. I really tried to budget out the trip since we are also in the middle of an adoption. For a family of 6 it was cheaper for us to stay off site...and our hotel had a free shuttle to the parks everyday. The kids had a blast! Sophie loved wearing her Belle dress to the park and being called definitely fits her. We had so much fun but now we need a vacation from our vacation!

September 1, 2009

Birthday giggles!

Sorry about the grainy video, I had my camera on the wrong setting. I don't know what made Sophie get so tickled...but I love it!