January 24, 2013

It's only been a year!!

Wow, slacker city!

2012 brought a lot of changes to the Pierce household.  I guess the biggest one was the kids all started private school. Yes, all 5.  I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me what I do all day now that the kids are gone. I want to say, "Oh the same thing you do...sit around with my feet up, eat bon bon's and watch soap opera's".  But  instead I just smile and assure them I am just as busy as ever.  Sending the kids to school was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make but I am at peace with it for now. Bert has gone back to a daytime schedule and we are still getting use to that.  It is not easy adjusting your schedule after 8 years but we are getting there.  The kids are doing great and enjoying school for the most part. The thing that they really dislike about school is the getting up at 6am. ( I hate that part too).

Here are a few pics from the past year in no particular order.

April 21, 2012


January -we saw two members of the Pierce clan get older.  Bert turned 45 and Micah 14.

February- Sophie lost her first tooth!!!

March- saw 2 more of us get older as Tyler turned 16 and now is driving!! BIG help to me!
 I turned 26 AGAIN...can you believe it??!!  sigh 36.

This month Bert also passed all of his HAM radio tests at ONE time. There are 3 tests you can take. Usually at separate times but my hubby studied hard and did it all @ once! The examiners were quite impressed!!

Micah and Nick were in a play put on by our homeschool group titled The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood. They did an excellent job and the play was hilarious!

April-  Sophie received the Holy Ghost in a dynamic Sunday School service! Thank you Jesus!!

 We had a low key Easter at my parents, not our usually large shin-dig at home but it was really nice.

 Just wanted to do a quick update as a whole. Jax had his nose cauterized AGAIN last Friday and that has helped with his very frequent nose bleeds. His allergy tests came back and he is allergic to...... A TON of environmental allergies. Grass, trees, weed pollen....cats and dust mites etc.  So he is on some allergy meds and we might consider the allergy shots.

 Tyler, Micah and EG had their last day of school yesterday! So summer has officially started for them. I won't finish with Jax and Sophie for another month at least.

We are going on a cruise in May..I CAN'T wait!!

16th Birthday!

Last day of Core