April 20, 2007


I cant tell you how many times last year we were at the beach and I would stare out at the water and think of Sophie. Today as I saw the girls on their own holding hands and playing and chasing each other it was just so precious. Having grown up with 4 older brothers I cant tell you how many times I wanted a sister. I didnt care if she was younger or older just a sister that I could whisper and share secrets and of course fight with! When I saw the relationships of some of my dearest friends and their sisters..although sometimes it was scary(hee hee), I so wanted to experience that for myself. It seemed that no matter how mad or upset they got with each other there was still that trust that no matter what, they could count on each other...and that when it really mattered their sister would be there for them. I have been so blessed with some dear friends that I condsider as close as sisters to me. But today when I saw my girls...MY girls hand in hand. I thanked God for letting me experience sisters.

Does Sophie like the beach?

First day at the beach

Mommy is taking off my shoes
What is this stuff?
I think I like it..

We arrived at the beach yesterday afternoon. I think I was more excited about how Sophie was going to like it than she was!! We were the total parent paparazzi lugging cameras and camcorders..calling out "this way, Sophie look this way" "look at momma" "look at dadda" "look at the water" etc. I cant wait to take her out this afternoon. I have a cute video I will upload shortly.

April 11, 2007

4 months today

Wow...how surreal is it that Sophie only came into our hands 4 mos ago. She was in our hearts long before that. I absolutely cannot imagine our lives without her. She has changed so much in the 4mos we have had her home. Here is a little update on her. She is talking like crazy..she can say
Dada, Daddy and Da Doo
La La(aunt Laura)
Kay Kay(kaitlin)
Z Z (linzi)
She recognizes all these people and says their names upon seeing them.

No,Puppy, more, Apple, kitty, bath, help me, hold me, love you, night night, juice, thank you, please, baby, book,candy, milk,diaper, two, go,hey,hello, eat and the list goes on. she can say "Na" for Tina..its so funny when Bert calls me she starts yelling "NA, NA"...just like Kristin used to call me. She can name all the parts of her face..knows her fingers..socks and shoes.
She has beautiful teeth and ALOT of them. Her hair is getting so long. She loves to run from us. She can go get her diapers, throws stuff in the trash and pretty much understands 90% of things we ask her to do. She LOVES to sing. She can do patty cake and itsy bitsy spider. She loves to sing this Hallelujah song we sing at church. She loves candy so much it is scary. We have a stool in the kitchen and she takes the stool and pushes it to whatever counter in the kitchen she wants to get something from and climbs right up. I thought I had hid some of her Easter candy until I saw her walk into my room with chocolate all over her face. I said, "Sophie, what did you do"? She then proceeded to take my hand and show me how she got her candy. Another cute thing is before we eat our meals we hold hands and pray, she loves this part..she squints her eyes like she is praying and then after Amen she yells ,"YEAH YEAH" and claps her hands. She is into everything,,homeschooling has become quite chaotic around here. But we all love every minute of it. She absolutely adores her Aunt La La..she is second only to me. She loves to make Bert jealous.. she screams bloody murder if Bert takes her from Laura..(it is Laura, not Sophie that loves to make Bert jealous) hee hee.
She still loves the trampoline and loves being outside. I cant wait until she can enjoy our pool this summer.
Thank you Lord so much for our 4 wonderful children..we are truly blessed!

April 9, 2007

Easter/ Part Three... THE HUNT!!

Forget the baskets...give us TRASH BAGS!! We had 14 kids hunting over 600 eggs. It took us forever to hide them all..and about 5 minutes for them to find them all! As you can see they had a great time.

Easter/ Part Two

I had to get EG up pretty early that morning to get her hair rolled. Can you tell she is not a morning person?

Easter/ Part One

We had a wonderfully busy and blessed Easter weekend. The kids colored eggs on Friday afternoon. Sophie thought this was great! We gave her a rubber Easter egg and a glass of water and she "dyed" away!!
Tyler finally had his birthday party Friday night. Saturday we had company and Sunday we had a fun day with church, a big lunch, a lot of company and a big Easter egg hunt.

April 4, 2007

Sophie is so silly. Whenever I get out the camera she always squats down. She sees me squat so she thinks she needs to also. This is also her first time with strawberry milk. You can see she loves it!! The doc said it was time to come off the bottle and ween her off of formula. I can do the formula part but I am in no hurry to get rid of the bottle.


Sophie went Monday for her 18 mos check-up (she is 21 mos now). She did great. She was almost 24 lbs!! Wow..she was 19 pounds in China. She is 15 % in height and weight. He said she will most likely always be pretty small but she should be over 5 feet. She had to get 4 shots and a TB test. That was the hard part, bless her heart! The nurse told us that in about 2 wks Sophie might have fever and rash from the MMR. Well, Tuesday morning she woke up with a 102.5 fever. She pretty much had fever off and on all day Tues. I called the doc and they said it was not from the shots and must be a virus. Well when I got her out of the tub last night I noticed a little rash on her lower back and feet. She woke up this morning with the rash all over her. We went back to the doc. They are really not sure what it is. They did a strep test that came back negative but said they wanted to treat her for strep anyway. So who knows. She has had no fever today and is not acting any differently..but he told me to keep her home for the next day and a half.

April 2, 2007

Tyler turns 11

Tyler turned 11 on March 28th. We had a fun family day and his party is coming up this weekend. We skipped school that day and did whatever Tyler wanted to do. First thing he wanted to do was play Risk. This is a true Pintaro trait (my side of the family). I still have nightmares about my brothers thumping each others pieces off and rolling on the floor fighting. lol. After risk we went to Cracker Barrell for a late breakfast/early lunch. Then on to Publix to get his cake. He wanted cheesecake!! lol. Had a hard time getting the candles in there but it worked. Notice a piece or 2 is missing...not sure what happened there..hee hee. Then it was time to open gifts and then just enjoy the rest of our day off. Happy Birthday big guy...dont grow up too fast. I love you!!