September 7, 2008

Short Story Long or..why I had the camcorder.

Ok so here is what happened. I was in the kitchen Friday morning when I heard this incessant crying at my garage door. I went and opened it and there was MJ(brother to rescued kitten) meowing and meowing. I picked him up and petted him(not realizing he was there doing his Lassie version of "Milo is in the tree go save him"). So EG and I go outside and hear the other kitten crying. We start looking for the "trapped" kitten. I was down on my hands and knees in the dirt calling to the kitty that I just knew was trapped under the porch. The more I called the kitty the louder it meowed (probably thinking, "look up you idiot"!) Well EG tried to work up the nerve to actually go under the porch but the thought of all those spider webs kept deterring her. SOOOO in/out comes Bert. The kids and I are all worked up b/c we cant find our poor kitten that we still KNOW must be trapped under the porch. So Bert goes and puts on some work clothes and heads under the porch. As he goes under he says, we should video this. Ok, I have to interrupt this story to tell you we HAVE actually had to remove deck boards to save a different kitten at a different time. I also went and got the camcorder b/c I am a total ham and I have always loved making home videos w/ my friends so I just saw this as another fun opportunity to be silly..ohhhh if only you could see my video Ok back to the story. So anyways, he is under the porch and he cant hear the kitten..DUH you think that would have been our first clue but NO. I keep telling him, how can you not hear it? I hear it clear as day! (This strikes me as especially funny now!) Bert kept saying he couldn't localize the sound..(EVEN MORE Hilarious after the fact). Then Bert thinks maybe it is trapped under the crawl space and that is why we cant find it under the deck. Well we figure out that is not the case. He heads down to the shop to get the crow bar and I head in the house to get the camcorder and the rest is ....well total embarrassment and hilarity as you saw in the last post.

Update on Milo. He was trapped in the tree again yesterday. Dont worry we knew where he was right away. Bert and EG actually installed him a little bridge from the tree to the roof of our house so hopefully that will help us to avoid any more missing cats anytime soon!

September 5, 2008

Cat Rescue...Pierce Style!

This video was shot AFTER we had already been looking for an hour under the deck and under the house and still couldnt find the kitten.

September 4, 2008

School days Schmool days

These are just some random pics I took this morning.  Sophie is helping daddy empty the dishwasher. He is trying to keep her busy while we have school.(Bert thinks I wanted photo proof that he helps around the house).  We are in our 4th week of school.  Some days are definitely better than others. The kids are getting older and the subjects are becoming more difficult and time consuming. Some days I want to run away screaming pulling my hair out and other days I just know God has given me the most brilliant, gifted children there ever was! (I wont tell you what kind of day wins more often) lol.