December 12, 2006

Day 2 with Sophie

Today we had our civil affairs meeting and notary. Sophie did excellent for both. She is such a trooper. Little by little we are seeing her personality. She definately loves her mama!! I almost...ALMOST feel bad for the hard time she is giving Bert. She will not let me put her down and believe me I have the sore arms and back to prove it. This morning she pigged out on the breakfast buffet. Then for lunch we made her this fish/vegetable cereal mix..and for dinner we had tex-mex. So far in China we have had Pizza Hut, Mcdonalds and tonight it was chicken fingers and fries for me and filet mignon for Bert. We would like to eat more provincial food but the smoking and spitting hockers can get to you. Sophie had mac n cheese tonight and she loved it. I also let her have a little of my coke light, she loved that too...obvious by the HUGE burp she let lose!(Elizabeth would have been so proud!).
We also went to the brand new Super Wal-mart store here in Chengdu...that was very cool. Tonight our friend Monica and her daughter Alana came and picked us up at the hotel for the tex-mex dinner. Monica is the angel that sent us the pictures of Sophie back in July. She works at the US consulate/embassy here in Chengdu. Her daughter "angel baby" is a gem and she gave Sophie alot of hugs and kisses! Sophie really likes other children. I cant wait to see her with her siblings. She is now fast asleep from our busy day...and I am right behind her!


Anonymous said...

Oh Tina I love her! Enjoy her only wanting you because you know how girls LOVE their daddy! Sophie will fall in love with her daddy in no time! Kim H.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tina I love her! Enjoy her only wanting you because you know how girls LOVE their daddy! Sophie will fall in love with her daddy in no time! Kim H.

Laura said...

You know I ALWAYS have something to say, I am glad that she is bonding to you and loves you, she will come around to Bert.(still trying to stay in Bert's good graces too!) Elizabeth and her already have a bond with the burping! I am sure that EG will love to hear that.

Christie said...

we are so happy for you and your family. i know the kids are just dying to meet her. she is a beautiful little china doll!

Gina said...

Hey Tina!!!!
This is Gina. Kim and I are looking at your website... I posted last night, but obviously did it wrong. I am so hanging on every picture that you post of Sophie. She is beautiful. I hope you and Bert will have a ceremonial burning of the ski suit you picked her up in! That will definitely not fit in her closet!

david phillips said...

Tina, this is David- Denise's husband. We will be follow ing you on 28 Dec. and have Grace on @ Jan. . start the new Year with our daughter also. I haven't been able to keep up with your blog- but Denise has and has informed me everyday.
We are so happy for you two and very disappionted that we couldn't travel with you two.
I will spend tonight reading your complete blog and already know you guys are blessed - God is good ALL the time! You guys are matched so perfectly, whata beautiful baby girl you have. Looking forward to the same feelings of cmpleteness after such a long wait.
Take care and if there is any thing we can do- don't hesitate.
Your friends in Christ
David and Denise parents soon for Grace Phillips