January 23, 2009

Ski Bama!

So we had a blast on Martin Luther King day snow skiing in Mentone ALBAMER! We were such excellent, famous skiers that Fox news was there and we actually made it on TV. *don't blink or you might miss me!

The video

Sophie goes to 3K

Chillin w/ my Leapster before school.

All that and a bag of chips!

I think I like this teacher..

Yes, I do like my teacher!!

We had an exciting week in the Pierce household. Sophie's first day of 3K. I was never really intending to send her to preschool, but considering she is around older kids and adults all day long we thought it might be good for her. Well, we were right! She absolutely loves it. The cool thing is, she is going to the same 3k, 4k, 5k school her older siblings went to back in the day. She has the sweetest teacher and Sophie was so happy to make new friends. She only goes for a few hours twice a week. It is also nice to be able to homeschool the older kids w/ out so much distraction. As sweet as she is she is very busy and keeps us on our toes. lol. Here are a few pics from her first day.