February 23, 2007

Look! Sophie Made the News!!

This is Sophie and Kaitlin at our CNY celebration! Enlarge it so you can read the caption. Pretty cool!~

February 21, 2007

Sophie and Micah

Silly Sophie

Am I adorable, or what?
Love this sweet smile
This is how I cover my mouth and laugh really hard
Still faking, I mean laughing
This banana is yummy!

February 17, 2007

Happy CNY!!!

Mrs. Hughes reading a CNY story
The group
Momma and her girls
Sophie, Jillian and Sam
Sweet Emma Claire
Beautiful girls
Kaitlin and EG
Sophie and Sissy

The year of the pig! I hope all my waiting friends babies are born this year! We had a wonderful CNY celebration tonight. It was so good to see the dragonnettes again. We had yummy food and a lot of it! The girls all looked so cute in their traditional chinese dresses. Gina brought all the kids cute "piggy" banks. A big thank you to Jillan for Sophie's gift....Sunny you are so thoughtful.

February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

All the loot

Micah was so sweet to read his card first before digging in to his goody bag

EG showing us the pretty candy roses she made

My pretty valentine

We had a sweet family day today. The kids and Bert made me some really cute valentines this year. They made me roses out of hershey kisses,pipe cleaners and cellophane they were so cute I was so impressed! They also made these cute bags of nuts and gave me bananas with funny sayings tied to them. The nuts said cute things like "you make me nutty". On the banana Tyler gave me he wrote, "you appeal to me" lol. Bert really went above and beyond helping the kids make all the homemade stuff. It was very special. And of course the kids all got sweet things too. Bert brought all 3 of us girls beautiful roses....and too much chocolate! We made each of the kids little valentine goody bags and they loved them. Sophie loves chocolate..she has eaten her fair share today!

February 9, 2007

Dancing at the doctor

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After Surgery pics

Recovery room

Demerol makes you sleepy

Lunging for Momma

Yummy popsicle

While Sophie was still in recovery they took Bert back so he could see her. She did so well. When she came back to our room, she just lunged for me. OHH I just love her. The nurses brought her a popsicle she immediately knew what it was and how to chow down on it! We have never given her a popsicle before so she must have had some in the orphanage. She LOVED IT. She kept making these great faces while she ate it.
She also tolerated her IV so well. She had to have antibiotics before the surgery b/c of her VSD. She is still sleeping and the kids are almost done with school so I might sneak me in a nap!

Before Surgery pics

Sophie did great with her tubes and adenoids. We got to Childrens South about 7:15am and werent called back until about 9:30. She was starting to get pretty hungry but still remained a sweetie! She loved playing with all the toys there. I was constantly wiping her down with antibacterial gel!
We were so surprised when we had a knock on the door and there was Anna from Lifeline with a teddy bear and a get well card from the LL staff. Are they not awesome?! What a blessing. I know sweet Karla was the instigator in that and we all know, no one is sweeter than Karla. Thank you so much LL staff and Karla.
Sophie is now sleeping peacefully. They told us to keep her home for the next couple of days..so we are just going to hang out and "chill"! Thank you Sonya for the tip on taking the camera! Thanks for all your prayers. God is good!

February 8, 2007

I love to jump!!

Here is Sophie enjoying the trampoline with her big brother and sister. Notice EG's smashing attire.. Garfield pajama bottoms(bought in China),knit dress and brothers socks...Oscars here we come!

February 7, 2007

Doctor visit

Well today was a hectic day running back and forth to Childrens South. At 9:30 Sophie had her ENT appt. The doctor does want to put tubes in and take her adenoids out. This will take place on Friday morning. Hopefully this will help with the never ending congestion Sophie has had.
Then at 2:00 today we had another follow up appt with the UAB Adoption Clinic.(I love those people)! They said Sophie looks wonderful!(I knew that). She was up to date on all her shots that she received in China and nothing yucky in her stools! Hooray!

February 5, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa's house

This weekend we went to my parents house. It was Sophie's first road trip. It takes about 3 1/2 hours to get there. She only cried for about 45 minutes. Then I pulled out a sucker and all was well. We had a wonderful time visiting grandma and grandpa. My mom worried that Sophie wouldnt remember her but that was definately not the case. Sophie loves her grandma. We spent most of the weekend playing Wii and we are all sore! Micah was the best at bowling with a whopping 213 high score! Bert loved the tennis. The kids are trying to save up their money to buy one, but until then we will have to keep visiting grandma! Sophie did so good on the way home, harldy fussed at all!
We go back to the ENT on Wed and also to the adoption clinic for another check up. The pediatrician said her ears dont look so great so I hope the ENT will go ahead and put tubes in. I will keep you posted.