December 12, 2006

Pictures from our Chengdu Angel!

Can you say "Gorgeous"???

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Did you take one of my goldfish?

"Angel Baby" is fun, but she is no Elizabeth Grace! I am ready to go home and meet my brothers and sister!


Gina said...

I love love love these pictures of Sophie! She's just sitting up against you like she's always been there. I'm so proud for you guys, and for YOUR little "angel baby". (What's all that about anyway? Is this really some kid's name? GEEZ!) Have you gotten over most of your tiredness yet? Sophie just has the cutest lips and nose, and eyes! I can't wait to see her in person. See you all soon!

Amber Corey said...

She's getting cuter and cuter! I cannot wait to see her and Elizabeth together...especially in their matching outfits. How fun!

Shirley Corey said...

Tina & Bert,
God has blessed you with another doll!

Love you and praying for you,