December 12, 2006

Sophie day 3

Today we went to the Panda reserve it was very cool. The pandas were very active and eating. Sophie was not very interested in the pandas. I wore her in the mei tai sling and she and I had more good bonding time. When I would tell her in Chinese to kiss me, she would!! She has definitely opened up more today. Right now she is napping and then tonight we are going to eat hotpot and then on to the sichuan opera.
At the panda reserve I got to see my friend Jennifer and her family along with her beautiful new daughter Hannah. Jennifer and I met through the adoptchengdu yahoo group.
Last night at bedtime Sophie would not let me put her down. After she fell asleep I tried several times to sneak her into her crib but she would wake up mad and screaming. She slept most of the night on my chest or right up next to me in the bed. She woke up screaming several times like she was having some kind of night terrors. Her cough still sounds yucky, I am hoping the amoxicillin will kick in soon. Several people have emailed me to ask me her size. 12 mos fits her perfect. She wore a gymboree outfit today that was 12-18 mos and the pants are a little big. She looks sooo cute. She does not mind keeping her hairbows in at all!! Good thing b/c she wasn't going to have much choice..hee hee.
Tomorrow we are going to her finding place...and the some shopping. (still no new shoes). Then Friday we fly to GZ. White Swan here we come!!!


Anonymous said...

Sophie is PRECIOUS!!! I get teared up every time I read your blog. I can't wait to meet Sophie and see you guys again!

Gina said...

Doesn't it make you feel good knowing that while you weren't able to be with Sophie, someone was asking for kisses! I hope she has a better night tonight, no screams. That just breaks my heart. You seem to be enjoying the sightseeing- the opera, no less!! Get one of those cheap massages too!