December 16, 2006

Ice cream party

Our friends the Farleys came to our room tonight for a little ice cream social!! The girls had fun together. Keegan and Romy both love Bert. Sophie was quiet but did well sharing her toys.


Anonymous said...

HOW FUN! Love getting girls together!!!

Enjoy GUZ!!!! Wish I could shop with you!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Renee is sitting here with me and she can't believe how adorable Sophie is! She's an angel :) I had to show everyone tonight at the praise group party. Love and Miss you guys.

Linzi and Renee

The King Family said...

PRAISE JESUS, no heart troubles! What an awesome report from an Awesome God. His hand has been on you every step of the way. We rejoice with you on the good news and the obvious bond that is growing between the three of you *hand in there, Bro Bert)

What a weight loss plan...those menu pics were frightening! I bet you have a new appreciation for Jim and Nicks!

Thank you for sharing your journey, we're checking from Savannah, Charleston, Williamsburg, DC...just can't wait to see what's next for the Pierces; following your experience is priceless! Love ya, bah!