September 4, 2011

Jax 8th birthday part 1

Our sweet Jax turned 8 this week.  He was very excited about going to bed on Monday night so his birthday would get here quicker!  Unfortunately, he was a little disappointed when he woke up and the older siblings were gone to CORE and daddy had not slept the night before. I held him and Sophie off of Bert until noon then they finally woke him up and off we went to Mr. Chen's for lunch. BUT before we left he got to open one present.
 Jax has grown so much emotionally, socially and spiritually since we adopted him. Unfortunately he has not really grown physically. He and 6 year old Sophie are very close to the same size. They both weigh 42 lbs and he is a hair taller.  I cannot tell you how well Jax fit's in our family. I cannot imagine our life without him.  He has such a great sense of humor. He has the cutest little chinese accent and still can't get the pronouns going for him.  He is really starting to learn/understand who Jesus is and takes his prayers very seriously. He seeks out hugs and really likes physical contact. He is not spontaneous at all with saying I love you, but he show's you that he loves you. He is doing very well in his schoolwork. He is doing Bob Jones first grade Phonics/English/Reading and he is doing the BJU second grade math.  We finally moved him into his own room right before school started. He loves having his own space! He has bunk beds in there and 5 out of 7 nights someone is always sleeping in there with him.  He has learned to ride his bike so well! Not near as much as a daredevil as Sophie but he does take little risks.  I am so in love with this boy! Wish he wouldn't grow up so fast!
waiting for daddy to wake up

first present

he opened this mask and cape

Milk tea in the cup! Loves this stuff!

my pig feet and tofu will be here soon!

 We went and got Jax a new bike for his birthday. Then we went and picked up the big kids from Core.
                                              Then it was home to open the rest of his gifts

waited ALLL day for this!!

He has wanted a DSI so bad!!

loves lego's

loves remote control vehicles!

our friends the Kings always did this with their kids
(sure miss them)

Yes, just a cupcake b/c he would have a cake at his Chuck E Cheese party.
That will be Part 2

Tyler showing him the ropes

Sophie models the cape.