August 29, 2011


Saturday it was gorgeous!! The younger 3 and I went for a walk on our property across the way, I hate I forgot my camera!  Then we came home and did a little groundskeeping. Let me tell you my kids were so happy to help out they just love to work....ok prepare for lightning to come zap me b/c that is very far from the truth.  One of my "children" wants me to take him to the gas station to get worms for fishing, the other "child" wants to go to Harbor Freight to get some kind of tool. So then we started the bargaining...."you trim my bushes...I take you places."
 The younger two had a great time skinny dipping while the rest of us worked. They were joined later by the rest of the crew but no one wanted to swim with naked little ones so they decided to get their bathing suits on. Grandpa and Grandma dropped by for a little bit. I was able to read part of a book outside, but then I was squirted by someone,,then I was mad because my book and my camera got wet.  Oh well, I got over it.

skinny dippers

My fig tree

Sophie is a natural poser

Mom did not want me to post this picture..I don't know why..

August 26, 2011

family night

 On Thursday's my parents have us over for family night. The kids enjoy seeing their cousins, swimming and this time they made delicious homemade pizza's with Grandma.
Grandpa watering 

Jax checking the temp...90*

She's taking her eye test

The big boys enjoyed this so much!

August 23, 2011

Does your day...

Start with corndogs? Because that is what my two little ones want for breakfast EVERY morning!! And  not just one...usually 2 but sometimes 3.  Breakfast of champions around here!

Here are more pics from our day today.  The pic of the "big" kids is from there first day of CORE last Tuesday. It is something offered through our homeschool group where they go once or twice a week and are taught their classes and then follow a syllabus for each class during the week. It has been an absolute life saver for me. It doesn't start until the 7th grade so this is EG's first year. So far she loves it and Tyler and Micah enjoy it for the most part. EG said her teachers at CORE are much nicer than her teacher at home! WHAT!!!!

August 16, 2011

Jax (back post)

Not sure if you remembered Jax having to have surgery a few weeks back.  I took pictures to post and as usual never got around to it.  Jax had reflux in his kidneys so they corrected (hopefully) that issue.  The urologist also thought circumcision was a good idea to cut down on his UTI's.  WOW....that was some kind of painful recovery. Remember that story in the bible where all those men had to be circumcised because somebody "had his way" with somebody else's sister and the only way to atone was all the guys had to be circumcised and then while they were trying to recover they were all  murdered?? (yeah, you didn't hear THAT one in Sunday School). I really feel sorry for those guys. I wasn't sure if any of us would ever get over Jax and his "choe-choe" issues. The boy was naked for days and it didn't matter who was here!! Yes, I know there is a possibility he will not be happy I posted this years from now...but this memory will trigger some hilarious comments the boy made that I cannot post here!
Sleep deprived dad made use of the wait!

Versed before surgery

After the Valium

Blue Bell makes yummy orange popsicles

Homeward bound!
 On a more serious note the waking up from surgery was very traumatic, and nothing could calm him down. It was very heart-breaking. I think there was some PTSD going on from his abandonment situation. Finally one of the anesthesia docs offered him some Valium...phew..that really did the trick and seems like a drug I might like to try :) hee hee jk.  After that he was on to popsicles and not too much later  on our way home.

August 11, 2011

EG is 12

When I started my blog EG was 12?? From Tomboy to girlie girl!  She wanted to go to 6 flags for her bday, so we grabbed some cousins and some friends and off we went!!! It was soo hot, but soo fun!
too funny not too add

he loves this dorky hat..

"the face"

can you believe they cut me out of this pic!!

say what?

still loves her daddy