June 23, 2009

Jr. Camp here we come!!

Well, two of my younger kiddos headed off to camp this morning! They were soooo excited! I was too! I loved camp when I was their age...it was the absolute highlight of my summer.  I hope they have an awesome time!! I would love to be a fly on the wall.  Thankfully my super awesome, save the day sis in law, Laura, is going to be a counsellor this year...so that is almost as good as me getting to go!:) I am going to have to repay her somehow! I see pedicures and sushi in her future!!!

June 15, 2009

Did my party come?

Those were the first words out of Sophie's mouth the morning of her birthday.  We had such a fun day! We were planning on spending the whole day out by the pool but the weather didn't cooperate at first, so we had some inside fun.  Sophie wanted to serve all her friends chinese food..(go figure)lol.  We had to have brownies, Texas caviar and of course a Dora birthday cake. We made it out to the pool and the kids had a great time soaking all the adults and pushing Stephen into the pool.    I can't believe our baby girl is already 4!!