December 8, 2006

Touring Beijing

Today was very cool learning about some of the history of China. I felt bad, our tour guide knows so much about China, and I would probably flunk Alabama History!! :)
We started off with a yummy breakfast here at the Holiday Inn Beijing. I finally got to meet my friend from Kentucky that I have told many of you about, Cynthia Farley. She and her husband and ADORABLE daughter Keegan are here to get their second daughter. Well, my plan was to bribe Keegan with candy so she would let me hold her. Well, she took the candy but she loves BERT instead of me! lol. It is soo cute. She wants Bert to hold her and play with her all the time!! She is very smart, great manners and just so well behaved. Cynthia and I are going to plan future trips to Gatlinburg with our families.
After Breakfast we went to the Great Wall. Want buns of steel? Come climb the Great Wall today! I am ashamed to tell you how high I did NOT go. Bert made it higher than any of us. I probably would have went to the top and all but it was a little cold, and I didn't want to show anyone up. :) After the Great Wall we went to lunch. Then on to the Ming was very very cold. I would have given anything at the moment for a pumpkin spice latte. Then on to the acrobat show that was totally awesome. By the time that was all over we were all exhausted. Bert and I just came back to the room and ate a granola bar and went to bed. I woke up at 2:00am here. It is now 3:20am here.
We fly to Chengdu today, Sophies home. Wow...not too much longer until we have our precious baby girl.
Tyler, Micah and Elizabeth Grace, we took some great pictures for ya'll today and bought you all a small animal made of Jade. Grandma said you are being very good. I am so proud of you three. We miss you and love you soo much!

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