March 27, 2008

Sophie listening to the birds

Yesterday afternoon Sophie and I went outside b/c I wanted to get a picture of her w/ her braids (first time).Well, she started hearing the birds and wanting the birds to hold was quite cute.. until she was scared of the airplane!

March 25, 2008


Easter Morning

Our Blessings!





The "hunt" begins!

Dionne and Jared

She loved finding the eggs

Enjoying the loot!

March 24, 2008

Conversation w/ Sophie

This is Sophie and Laura talking..

March 14, 2008

Orlando fun

Talking to mom who wants to know EVERYTHING
Dad is telling him....hee hee

2 very handsome fellows!


On their way!

Alien Tyler

Leader of BlueMan group..too cool

Mardi Gras parades were going on!

CUTE!! He is gonna kill me when he sees this!

Ok..I KNOW I am officially the worst blogger ever. I sooo envy all you moms who update all the time and you have twice as many kids as I do. It's just that when the choice comes up for "blog" or "sleep"..I have to admit "sleep" wins 9 out of 10!!

We are at the beach this week so I am hoping to add more posts soon.

Two weeks ago Bert and Tyler went away for a guys weekend to talk about growing up. Tyler named 3 places he would like to go and then we picked one of the three that would be the most feasible for the time allowed. So Universal Studios it was! They flew out on Friday morning were in the park that day by 3:00 and were back home Monday afternoon. They had an absolute BLAST! They stayed onsite at Universal so they had the fast pass and were able to ride everything w/out much wait. They also got to see Blue Man Group live and from what I can tell that was definately one of the highlights of the trip! I was so glad Bert was able to spend the one on one w/ Tyler as he is growing leaps and bounds daily. Our lives get so hectic sometimes we just need to get away to talk about important things and this was one of those times. Micah and Elizabeth are very excited for there time to "get away and talk about growing up"..if they only knew..hee hee (somewhere between 11 and 13) and have already started lists of places they want to go. I have to keep reminding EG it is just for a weekend so, "No, she and I cannot go to Hawaii or Africa for her weekend". lol.

Enjoy these pics..and I am looking forward to blogging this week!!!