December 22, 2006

At home with Sophie

Here are a couple pics from today. I promise to post the homecoming pictures soon. I am waiting on my Sis-in-law Amy to email them to me. She was so gracious to come take pics for us and meet her new niece at the airport. Its a good thing b/c we were so exhausted we did not even have our camera out. But as soon as I get them I will tell you all about it and send the pics.
These new pics are especially for all Berts co-workers and friends at UAB who told him if we didnt keep sending updated pics they would all come see us. Well you can all come see us we dont mind!!! But if you cant here is your "Sophie fix" for today!


Amber Corey said...

She's just so precious! Thank you for letting me be a part of her homecoming! I can't wait to see her again. Don't you and Bert need a night out or something? =)

Love you!


The King Family said...

It looks like the children love their little sister and that she loves them right back! How wonderful! Welcome home and Merry Christmas...what a gift! Give Sophie and Elizabeth Grace, Micah and Tyer a hug for us. We love you, Kirsten King

Christie said...

She looks like she is doing well. I am so glad to see more pictures. I look at your site at least twice a day so I don't miss any!! Can't wait to see her again.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Wonderful see everyone together at HOME!