December 14, 2006


Yeah mommy finally bought me new shoes!!

My friend Kara, also adopted from Chengdu

Today we went shopping..I only bought...8 pair of shoes for Sophie!(1 for EG) It was soo fun..I dont think we spent more than $30.00 total for all of them. I also bought EG a beautiful coat!! After we came back to the hotel for a nap we went out to a park. It was very neat seeing people practicing Tai Chi, playing mahjong, and generally just enjoying each others company. Several people with babies came up to meet Sophie. It was very sweet. After the park we went to the silk embroidery factory which was really amazing. On the way to dinner we stopped at Sophies finding place. Then we all went and ate at Peters then back to the hotel. Sophie has opened up so much today! She is very smart. She is responding to daddy a little more too! She just had tons of giggle fits was awesome. I can tell she is going to be quite the stinker.
Tomorrow we leave for Guangzhou.
I am only posting pics of Sophie...but we are taking pictures of all the cool stuff we are seeing. If anyone is interested we would be more than happy to share them.
Christie do you recoginze Sophie's outift? It is 18 mos and fits her pretty well! Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

We are all enjoying the pictures of Sophie! Especially Marissa!! We would love to see some of the cool stuff you have been enjoying too! Can't wait to have you all back home!!


Christie said...

She looks adorable in it. Seeing how happy and well adjusted she looks is just amazing. I can not wait for ya'll to get home so we hear first hand just what an awesome experience this has been!

Kaitlin said...

Sophie is so cute,can't wait to see her.
Love Your big cousin Kaitlin