October 17, 2007

Pierce's Pumpkins

Today was our annual trip to the Pumpkin patch,,,,this was also Miss Sophie Ru's first trip to the pumpkin patch. She/ we had a blast!! She loved the haymaze, picking out her pumpkin, riding the pony, and playing in the inflatables. She was wore out by the end of our trip...

October 16, 2007

Well, would ya looky here...

Did you, or do you have a mom who can do anything and everything? I do. As she raised 5 children she also, canned vegetables, made homemade candy(even had a candy business),toll painted, had a spotlessly clean house and made sure there were homemade chocolate chip cookies available all the time. We always had a homemade dinner around the table every night that I can remember. I would walk in the door from school and all these wonderful smells would greet me at the door. (That is unless we were having chili or pea soup! YUCK!) My mom used to make me clothes all the time, and instead of being thankful, all I wanted was store bought clothes! We would spend hours in Hancock Fabrics,,,oh how I HATED that store!! My mom even had a coffee cup that read, "Mother Superior". She honestly could do it all. She now has her own custom drapery business and is an expert seamstress. I said all that to say.. being her only daughter I know she hoped I would inherit her "crafty" gene...unfortunately it did not happen...until possibly, maybe just a tiny bit, I might enjoy of all things...SEWING!! I actually went alone...even drove myself to HANCOCK FABRICS..walked in on my own..no one was pulling me by the hand..(you just don't understand all the hours I was forced to stay in that store as a child)and I ENJOYED myself. It was so weird. I have been once or twice to Hancock's as an adult and every time that I have walked in there I would start itching everywhere and breaking out in hives..until now. Of course, in that moment of delirium I had to call my mom...everyone in that store started looking like my mom...all these ladies who knew exactly what they were doing...of course having grown up in that store I knew the look I had to put on to look like I knew what I was doing. I felt sorry for all the kids I saw in there..they gave me these sorrowful, "save me" looks. As a child, I had every pattern in that store memorized... I could even smell the fabric in my dreams!!
Anyways..I said ALLLLL that to lead up to my pics. I didnt have time to fix my "models" hair b/c I wanted to try them on right away. Anyways, now that I finally have 2 girls I would like to occasionally dress them alike and it is hard to find sz 24 mos and size 8-10 matching. So, with the help of my dear friend Misty, I am trying to solve this dilemma. I made these outfits..and then took them in to be monogrammed. It was a blast! I am telling you I remembered how to thread that machine like it was yesterday, it was like I could feel my moms blood coursing thru my veins...( I forgot to mention in the 4th grade she was my Home-EC teacher and I made a pot holder and learned how to thread a sewing machine),,anyways it all came back to me.. So these are for you ma!!