July 27, 2009

Summer camping

We had our first official family only camping trip in our camper....we had a blast!! We spent our days reading,fishing, jetskiing, kneeboarding and tubing! One day we rented a pontoon. Then in the evening we laid in the camper and watched old home videos.  The kids loved seeing themselves as baby and toddlers. We watched Sophie's Gotcha Day. I think it was really the first time that we watched it that she understood what was going on.  There was an older girl adopted from the same orphanage who was really crying when they brought her into her mom..well as we watched this Sophie looked at me and wanted to know were we gonna keep her for a long time. Seeing the older girl going to a new family confused her and she thought when she was older she would have to go to a new family.  Well later that night as we got in bed I told Sophie I was so glad Jesus brought her to us..she replied.."That wasn't Jesus!!" (talking about the chinese lady who brought her in the room to us) too cute!

July 13, 2009

Family Fun

We had a great visit w/ our cousins and Bert's family! It went by too fast and we can't wait for them to come again. The kids had a great time sleeping between the house and the camper. Bert and Bart cooked us an awesome breakfast and Tyler made us some yummy gravy for our biscuits. I love the picture of all the kids eating  supper. It was so relaxing just laying by the pool and reading all day.  The kids are all at great ages and everyone got along..woo hoo no arguing!