September 28, 2006

S L O W road to China?

Ok well I got it from a reliable source that we might not hear anything until the end of Oct. I know it has been a possibility the whole time I just didnt want it to be a reality. Another thing is CCAA(china center of adoption affairs) is closed for a week in Oct. So that puts them behind..and also a lot of other adoption agencies dont allow their people to travel in they will have Nov. consulate appointments. Which from what I can tell would mean that even if we did get out TA by the end of Oct. we might not be able to travel till late Nov. Who knows??? This probably does not make sense to you unless you are adopting or have adopted. It barely makes sense to me. But anyways please just keep us in your prayers for a speedy TA.
thanks so much!!!!!

September 25, 2006

Just wanted to post a picture of some really cool kids!!
Also I am soooo happy for Jeremy and Alicia Nails..a Lifeline family that received their TA this past Friday. They are heading for China on Oct 11th.
We are on day 60 of our wait from DTC. I am thinking it is going to be closer to the end of Oct before we hear anything.

September 23, 2006


Kaitlin and Aunt Laura bought the girls matching PJ's the other day..they are sooo cute!! I always have to let EG get her silly picture in and then do my and be cute.

September 22, 2006

Shameless plug

Ok...I hate when I go to blogs and the owner has not updated anything new so I am going to try and update more. Even if is just about life in general and not our specific adoption journey. And that way my good friend Eric wont be dissapointed the many times he signs on during the day at work..having to mute the site so no one will peek over his shoulder and catch him reading adoption blogs..hee hee.
Anyways..the book you see pictured is an AWESOME book on child rearing. I love James Dobson, Stephen Covey and many other excellent family and child care authors but I have to say this one takes the cake on how to apply Godly parenting. Most books you read you wonder if the family is really as wonderful as they sound. Well let me tell you. I read this book over a year and a half ago..emailed the authors with specific questions(they were quick to respond.) And had the wonderful pleasure of getting to meet them and spend some quality time with them over this past month. And they are everything I had hoped they would be and more!! They have 5 of the most well behaved, polite, generous, caring, intelligent, self motivated and hilarious children I have ever met!! I just cant say enough about this family or their book. Even if you already have "perfect" children and have all the answers to parenting. I still think you will enjoy this book.

September 19, 2006

Close up

Thanks Dr. Mintz for doing the close up!!

September 18, 2006

Guess who???

We received some new pics of Sophie from a nice family on my Adoptchengdu site. Can you recognize who she is??? Yellow shirt and look at the 2 pigtails!!! AHHHH I cant wait to squeeze her up!!! I am praying everyday for TA..please keep praying it will come quickly!!! The waiting is A G O N Y!!!!! These pics were taken on Aug 21st. So Sophie was 14 mos. She is now 15 mos. Her hair might be to her waist when we finally get her!!

September 11, 2006

My Cool Catssssssss

For Sunday School this quarter the kids are doing a 50's theme and of course they looked sooo cute. The first picture is of EG and my niece Kaitlin.
No news on the adoption front although we are on day 46 of our wait to TA.

September 5, 2006