May 30, 2007

Sophie and the water hose

Sophie had fun helping her daddy wash his truck. She was squirting Bert with the hose and then she turned on me!! Too cute! Listen for her sweet laugh.

Girls Night

Last night I had a fun night out with Jennifer and Erica. This was the first time for us all to meet in person. Jennifer is adopting from Vietnam and Erica from China. Of course Sophie came with me and she was as busy as ever. She was definately our entertainment. She enjoyed eating everyones ice cream and going through Erica's purse....eating m&m's off the ground. Yes, she had a grand ole' time!
Thanks for the invite ladies I can't wait until we do it again! I am sorry Laine and Kim couldn't make it. Hope to see you all again very SOON!!!

May 17, 2007

Sophie has become quite the chatterbox!

May 10, 2007


WOW was it HOT!! We went to the zoo yesterday. When we pulled up and saw at least 10 school buses and at least 10 charter buses we should have known it was an "omen"...or the fact that all the schools were getting in the last field trip. We did have a good time..and we were all wiped out on the way home! Of course ice cream from Mcdonalds perked us up..and cooled us off. This was Sophie's first trip to the zoo. We did go to the zoo in Chengdu but we were still getting use to each other so that doesnt really count.

Cool in the pool

Sophie loves goggles

Madison Kate
Taylor Ryan

Last week my friends brought over their precious baby girls. We had a great time chilling out and lounging by the pool. The pool was still freezing I dont know how my kids can handle it!!

May 3, 2007


Is it just me or does everyone have a hard time trying to get all of their kids to look at them at the right time?

Thank You!!

A HUGE thank you to the precious St. John Family they gave Sophie a beautiful Corelle doll. Sophie had it outside yesterday and I snapped some pics. She has also received some other cute babies I am going to post those after I get some cute pics!!

May Day

Today we went to our homeschool groups' May Day..better know as "track and field day". The kids had a blast running relays, three legged races and sack races. Of course the egg toss and water balloon baseball is always a hit. The kids mets up with a lot of their friends. EG was so happy to see her friend Heather from last year. She kept telling me she only wanted Heather to be her egg toss partner. We always love to get together with Shelly and her sweet girls. Alyssa adores Sophie and I know Sophie feels the same about her! What a great day, but boy are we tired!!