February 24, 2009

Prayers Please

A dear friend of mines daughter, little Clara You You, (pronounced Yo-Y0) is having a heart cath on 2/24 and more procedures to follow. Please pray God's perfect will in her life and peace for her parents and loved ones, as any surgery w/ your child is a very traumatic event. I am so glad to know God is a healer and he hold's us in the palm of his hand. Please check out her blog.

I had the pleasure of meeting You You one day last week. Erica and the boys came to visit and let me tell you, You You is a sweetie! A true little pearl.  She and Sophie had a great time playing w/ toys, they took turns being the doctor and You You was dressed as a princess for the first time. She seems to fit so perfectly w/ her family and loves her mama and brothers. Erica has specific things on her site she would love for you to pray about so please take the time to add this precious family to your prayer list.

February 17, 2009

Mountain vacation

Last week we went to the mountains and had a blast! We went snow tubing, creek wading, Comedy Barning,  Dixie Stampeding, and laid around and read books. Sophie made us some yummy chocolate chip cookies. The kids explored the woods by our cabin in their pajama's,,,(hey it's vacation).  Laura and I had a FULL day of shopping and Bart and Bert took the kids to the creek. That was our second trip to the creek that week, b/c I accidentally erased all the pics(snow tubing, picnic,creek wading) when I tried formatting my disk. WAHHHH.  The snow tubing was really cool unfortunately Sophie hated it. The bad thing was she didn't decide she hated it till we were to the to of the hill. We all took turns holding her and trying to persuade her but to no avail. So finally I just held her down w/ me and she screamed bloody murder the whole way down! I just knew DHR was gonna be at the bottom of the hill waiting for me. I don't think she even took a breath! Thankfully she didn't cause an avalanche or anything. Don't worry she recovered right away.   All in all we had a great week.