November 21, 2011


Kara & Sophie 2006
Kara and Sophie 2011

Kristin and Sophie 2006

A little Phase 10 competition

The crew

My kids at their best!

We were so blessed by a visit from the Renfer family. Our families met in Chengdu, China almost 5 years ago when they adopted sweet Kara and we adopted Sophie.  They live in California but were somewhat in the area (Nashville) and we were so excited they were able to detour and see us.  It was such a treat to meet Dean and Kaitlin since they did not travel to China.  Let me tell you this is an extraordinary family that loves the Lord and I feel blessed to call them friends. Their girls are so sweet and polite and very talented! From cooking to sewing, musically inclined, they can do it all!  It was especially a blessing to see sweet Kara transformed from a scared little 6 year old to such a confident beautiful 11 year old.   Thanks for the visit!!!

November 18, 2011

Taylor's Birthday

Hard to believe our sweet friend Taylor has already turned 5!! We had a great day with friends at the mall and Build A Bear to celebrate Taylor's special day. Happy Birthday big girl!!

Reptile field trip

Sophie is growing up!!


Here come the snakes

Baby Snake

Big Scary snake

What do these snakes eat?


pregnant rat

Madison loved the pinkie mice!

No fear in our group!

MeiLeigh is home!

 Remember wayyyy back almost 5years ago when we adopted Sophie? Well, my sweet friend Kim was also in the process of adopting. She held on for 5 long years and this past week came home with her beautiful daughter. Kim was the one who updated the blog for us when we were adopting Sophie. I was so happy to see them come home and I also enjoyed getting to see Robin and Gina and meet Gina's sweet daughter Jamison.  We missed our friend Christy! Hopefully she will be getting her referral soon! We all started this adoption journey together in February 2006. Well actually, Robin was the leader of the pack with 2 adoptions already under her belt when we started. It's almost come full circle!  Congrats to the Mintz Family! (click here for their blog)

November 8, 2011

Loving Fall..

So many reasons to love this time of year...

 1. Bonfires

 2. Boo's Birthday

3. Math with daddy
 (year round not just fall)

4. Lucas's 3rd Birthday

 4. Pumpkin Patch

5. Fall Festival

 6. Cute Outfits

7. Fixing Friends Hair

 8. Cuddly Dogs and kittens

 9. Puzzle Time
 10. Cute puppies!