October 16, 2007

Well, would ya looky here...

Did you, or do you have a mom who can do anything and everything? I do. As she raised 5 children she also, canned vegetables, made homemade candy(even had a candy business),toll painted, had a spotlessly clean house and made sure there were homemade chocolate chip cookies available all the time. We always had a homemade dinner around the table every night that I can remember. I would walk in the door from school and all these wonderful smells would greet me at the door. (That is unless we were having chili or pea soup! YUCK!) My mom used to make me clothes all the time, and instead of being thankful, all I wanted was store bought clothes! We would spend hours in Hancock Fabrics,,,oh how I HATED that store!! My mom even had a coffee cup that read, "Mother Superior". She honestly could do it all. She now has her own custom drapery business and is an expert seamstress. I said all that to say.. being her only daughter I know she hoped I would inherit her "crafty" gene...unfortunately it did not happen...until possibly, maybe just a tiny bit, I might enjoy of all things...SEWING!! I actually went alone...even drove myself to HANCOCK FABRICS..walked in on my own..no one was pulling me by the hand..(you just don't understand all the hours I was forced to stay in that store as a child)and I ENJOYED myself. It was so weird. I have been once or twice to Hancock's as an adult and every time that I have walked in there I would start itching everywhere and breaking out in hives..until now. Of course, in that moment of delirium I had to call my mom...everyone in that store started looking like my mom...all these ladies who knew exactly what they were doing...of course having grown up in that store I knew the look I had to put on to look like I knew what I was doing. I felt sorry for all the kids I saw in there..they gave me these sorrowful, "save me" looks. As a child, I had every pattern in that store memorized... I could even smell the fabric in my dreams!!
Anyways..I said ALLLLL that to lead up to my pics. I didnt have time to fix my "models" hair b/c I wanted to try them on right away. Anyways, now that I finally have 2 girls I would like to occasionally dress them alike and it is hard to find sz 24 mos and size 8-10 matching. So, with the help of my dear friend Misty, I am trying to solve this dilemma. I made these outfits..and then took them in to be monogrammed. It was a blast! I am telling you I remembered how to thread that machine like it was yesterday, it was like I could feel my moms blood coursing thru my veins...( I forgot to mention in the 4th grade she was my Home-EC teacher and I made a pot holder and learned how to thread a sewing machine),,anyways it all came back to me.. So these are for you ma!!


Melody said...

This post has me ROLLING!!! I know exactly how you felt about Hancock's....my mom also spent many, many hours browsing through fabrics and patterns. You did AWESOME with the outfits!! EG is proud of your accomplishments....I heard her telling several people Sunday that you made her clothes. I guess she is a better daughter than you and I....we probably would have been griping! WAY TO GO TINA! You are my inspiration.

Amber said...

Tina, you crack me up. I have about the same memories. I used to flip through the pattern books 500 times trying to entertain myself while trapped in Hancock Fabrics. =)

The girls' outfits are absolutely precious. You did a fabulous job! I'm seriously coming over to use your serger the next time I sew anything.

Oh, and this update was long over due; just wanted to let you know. =D

Laura said...

SO funny! I remember those stale stuffy fabric stores growing up also! We would sit on the stools that were SOOO uncomfortable and look at the books a million times! You go girl! I am so proud of you! Don't think I can do it though! The outfits are awesome! Thanks for the outfit you and Misty made for Kaitlin. Next you will be canning!! :)

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

LOL! LOVED THAT POST!! And, those outfits are AWESOME!!!


Monica said...

TINA! You did a wonderful job! The outfits are beautiful! Ummmm....where do I place an order?

Christie said...

I feel your pain also, but unlike you, my attempts to sew has produced nothing. Sewing on a button is as good as I get. The dresses you made are awesome. You deserve a high five!!!

Love Ya,

laurel said...

Those are the cutest clothes!! The fabric, the style, everything! Wow! I stand all amazed at your talent!

Anonymous said...


Kim :) said...

OH MY GOSH!!! You are so good!!!!! I am so impressed... from someone who can't thread a needle much less sew a dress!!!!!

The Ferrill's said...

I am so proud of you Tina! Go you Proverbs 31 woman!
You inspire me...let's see, do I have time before Christmas? I haven't sewn in quite a while! Thanks for sharing your creativity! Your girls will rise up and call you blessed, just as you do for your own mother!
Awesome post! Especially the part about Hancock's which by the way I used to work there in high school!!!!!!!!!!! How funny is that?

Stephaney said...

Tina i love the brown and blue one i have to say that is my favorite! You did such an excellent job! Would you like to make one for me?LOL

Lisa said...

You did an awesome job! I think you have been bit by the sewing bug! I am in the process of making some things for AC right now. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Tina you have done your mother proud. I even showed the girls who work for me and they were very impressed. I knew you could do it, it just took you a little longer to get started. love you mom

Anonymous said...

Congrats for the clothes for the girls!!!

They are adorable and look just like them! I know that after all your
traumatic childhood at Handcock's it was a real mental breakthrough to
go there and attempt to do them.

I'll bet you and Misty had many laughs and giggles over making them.
But I must warn you of something that you might not be aware of.....it
is the sewing bug with a bad case of Handcock worship.

You will know the symptoms when you put Handcock's on your list of
regularly visited stores (Like Wal Mart) and you get on their mailing
list and wait impatiently for their latest sale paper to arrive so you
can justify going and buying " a few" things that you must have and is
on sale. (Like $100.00 worth of anything that strikes your fancy for
the kids and EVERYTHING looks soooooo cute and just perfect for that
skirt or top or dress or doll blanket or .....)

You will end up with loads of materials, trims, ribbons to match,
buttons and patterns not to mention that little machine that Elizabeth
might want for Christmas and it was on sale etc. You will run out of
storage space..there will be bags of material in the closets , in the
car, under the bed,etc.

Then in your old age you might turn into your mother-in-law with all
these things and have to join an "old ladies homemaker's club" so you
can get your fix by making walker bags, bibs (for the nursing home) lap
quilts for the elderly, blankets for babies of unwed mothers, etc.

BEWARE!! It is a real possibility!!

All kidding aside I am proud that you made these things for the girls.
They really are cute4 and I know they will really enjoy wearing them.
Keep up the good work!!

My love to all!

Anonymous said...

Tina, I was just browsing around my blogs and couldnt believe you had actually posted! I Love the clothes!! You are really good! Your Moms craftiness has paid off for you :) Im jealious because I just paid &*%$# for Zoe and Meisi a monogramed outfit . Its been to long, we need to get to gether with the girls! Love, Robin

LaChrisha said...

Hey Girly,
Love them..you sre so creative! Although all of them are adorable, I'm with steph my fav is the brown in blue! Maybe you can make me and you matching outfits! that would be so cute! haha love n miss u mucho A L O T!!!!