August 27, 2007

Singing Sophie

Ok, I was driving and filming this at the same time(dont ask). Sophie is trying to say.."I'm still standing". I have no idea what she is doing with her lips. She is getting the number of syllables correct, but that is about it. I was trying so hard not to die laughing, film this and drive all atthe same time! I am such a This song is by Israel New Breed and our praise group sings it. She loves worship time at church!
Sorry the first part is of my ear, but that was the best I could do while driving.

August 21, 2007

Painting of EG and Sophie Ru

My friend Amber painted this beautiful painting of my girls. Does it get any better than this? I love looking at it. In fact I dont want to hang it upstairs in either of the girls rooms b/c I wont see it as often. So for now I am leaving it in my dining room which I walk past 100 times a day. I cant thank you enough Amber!! Love you!!

August 17, 2007

School day

I was trying to camcord without them noticing. That lasted for about 5 seconds. This video is kind of boring, but this is about how Sophie acts during our day.

One week down...

As you can tell, we really dress up for school!

EG's new kitten

Sissy held the kitty so I have to hold the kitty

WoW! We started school Monday. It has been a new experience homeschooling with a toddler in the mix. Monday was by far the hardest day as we tried to figure out how to keep Sophie happy AND quiet. Needless to say Bert came to the rescue. The rest of the week she has been in and out of the room playing with play-doh, coloring and leaving a total mess wherever she has been! She likes to have water on her little desk just like the big kids...and she likes to have a book in front of her too! I tried to camcord a little bit today. Notice how many times the name "mom" is said. It seems if I leave the school room for a minute EVERYONE suddenly needs my help. So for the most part we stay in the school room to do math, spelling and language. Then head to the living room for History and Science. The kids are totally loving History. We are doing the Sonlight history and language and it is awesome!!! We are reading Om-Kas-Toe, Walk the Worlds Rim and Pedro's Journal. I am learning so much..I love it! I need to finish giving Tyler his spelling and finish the rest of our day....I really enjoy homeschooling these precious kids!!

August 14, 2007

Sophie Super Stah!

Tyler was showing Sophie the moves tonight!

August 6, 2007

One thing after another..

Well, Bert took Sophie to the doc this afternoon. She does have bronchitis. So she is on antibiotics for that. Sophie has also had a chronic cough since we first met her. I was sure it was some kind of allergy related thing. Well, the pediatrician told Bert today she has Reactive Airway disease(the disease word kind of freaked me out). But it is basically just asthma. She is on steroids and 2 inhalers right now. She hates the whole inhaler treatment I am seriously bribing her with candy. In the words of her chinese paperwork, "she is easy to catch a cold or sickness".

Ok,,,to top all that off..her black eye is FINALLY looking better. Well tonight at the park she got knocked down by the swing. She now has 3, not 1, not 2 but 3 goose eggs and a lot of scratches on her face!! ARRGGGHHH I was so upset! Not to mention she was VERY upset. She got over it much quicker than I did. I hate to admit I lost my cool when it happened but wow did I lose it!(it was one of my kids who knocked her down, dont worry I didnt go postal on someone else's child!)lol. She is now in bed asleep and all is well..ahhh the scars of toddlerhood!

August 5, 2007

Beach again..

We made a quick run for the beach this weekend. We are so glad to have our friends Jacob and Caden with us. I use to nanny for these boys when they were toddlers. They are now both 14!! Wow do I feel old! They have to go home on Monday(13th) and we are going to miss them like crazy! They are awesome young men and I cant wait until they come again! They live in Arkansas so we dont get to see them as much as we would like.

On another note Sophie is sick. Bert is going to head back tonight with her so we can get her to the doc in the morning. She has an awful cough and ran fever all night. She has just been laying around. Note the pics where she has just fallen asleep on her own. This is definately not our spunky very 2 yr old little girl.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Grace!!

EG turned 8 on Thursday and we had a awesome party at the McWane Center. They did this really cool animal exhibit thing as part of the party. They got to pet a leopard gecko, a chinchilla, tarantulas and several other cool animals. The night before her party we went to Konomi..that has become our Pierce birthday tradition. All my kids love sushi!! (except Sophie). Happy Birthday Elizabeth Grace I love you!!