November 30, 2010

I know, I know, LONG OVERDUE!!

 Ok so Jax is doing great ( I wont even go into my LONG list of excuses of why I haven't blogged in's just that...oh yeah I am not going there).
 What have we been doing since Oct? Did I already post pumpkin patch? I am too lazy to look back and see. So he loved   liked the pumpkin patch. It was kinda hot and he just wanted to eat his pumpkin. Then he was kinda sad then I didn't make him pumpkin something. I mean pumpkin pie is the only thing I know to make with pumpkin and that is from a can.  So his pumpkin sat in the window sill with the other pumpkins until it turned moldy and green.
 Fall Festival- he loved that and all 5 of my kiddos dressed as clowns and I have NOT ONE STINKING picture of all of them together. No mom of the year award for me! ARGH  Cotton candy,snow cones, corn dogs and nachos, prizes..what is there NOT to love.
 He went ice skating at his cousin Makenzie's birthday and that he LOVED!!! He wants to go ice skating again very soon.
 He was able to be a part ( I mean not like at the hospital, just knowing they were preggo and then going and seeing the baby)of two of my dearest friends having babies, although the whole pregnancy/ have a baby thing caused a lot of questions and confusion and a lot of tears on my part trying to help him understand he was not in my tummy. That needs to be a WHOLE other post.
 Ok then he loved Thanksgiving but that may be b/c he thought it was Christmas. When I cam-corded the kids gettting in the van to go to grandma's I asked Jax what day it was and he said "Christmas!!" yeah he liked the turkey.
 He was jumping up and down with excitement as we decorated the tree. And then again I am found crying on the couch as he wonders and asks several times why all the kids have a lot of ornaments and he doesn't....he just does not get it sometimes and it totally breaks my heart. Of course Sophie helps out the situation by making sure he knows she has SEVERAL ornaments compared to his two. (one from last year while we were waiting.)  So that night he draws a picture of our family..(minus Sophie..imagine that and yes, I made him add her) pokes a hole in the top and hangs it on the tree. We then spend the next several days making homemade ornaments for him to hang on the tree.
 What does he want for Christmas? Well it depends on what toy catalog or store we are in. He wants everything.
  He had a minor surgery somewhere in all of this time between Oct 11(last post) and now to get something in his nose cauterized b/c of his frequent nose bleeds and that has helped tremendously.
 Still going to Chinese school and yes he can still read and write chinese although we rarely here him speak it anymore.  His English is A M A Z I N G!! He is reading some English now too..whoo hoo!
 The past two nights he and Sophie have been camping out in a tent in Sophie's room, they love sleeping in there!! see my facebook page for those pics.
 Oh I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Just ask me if you are wondering anything. I am sure I will post again sometime in January and I can answer then. ;)  
 Oh yeah, and it was exactly 6 months ago today that our sweet boy walked into that meeting room in the orphanage and became our son!  God is good.
 Oh yeah again, the rest of the family is doing great. Eg was in a play at our homeschool group, Emperors New Clothes, she did a fabulous job and the stage loved her!  Tyler is elusive from the camera but he is now wearing a size 14 shoe and 36 length pant and is thinking about going into Pathology as a career choice. He did not WANT to  go to the pumpkin patch this year and I was seriously heart broken, I mean he is almost 14.5 what's wrong with the pumpkin patch?!! Micah told me today he wants to go to Culinary school and is wondering if they will let him in before he graduates high school. He still has  the sweetest spirit and will soon be a teen, his younger siblings do tend to get on his nerves sometimes! Sophie is still loving 5k and is very busy and has decided she goes for Auburn instead of Alabama but she still loves us. ( for real that's what she said).