August 28, 2006


Yes...we heard this morning we have LID. The date of Log In Date was August 11th. I am still counting our TA from DTC b/c that is just how I want to do it. No other adoption news yet..

August 17, 2006

Just thinking about my girl....

I wanted to post the meaning of Sophies middle name. We have decided on Sophie RuXian. A friend of mine got this information for me.(thanks Robin) Still no news on LID.

Ok, this "Ru" is an ancient verb meaning to "eat", but in modern times (i.e., over the last 200 years) it is mostly used in surnames with no particular meaning. This "Xian" is a popular character used in names since it has a lot of positive associations, as in describing a sage or a person of wisdom, it is also often used to describe a woman who is virtuous and able. Put together, "Ru Xian" appears a name given in a highly cultured, educated family with high hope for their baby.

And of course she will be cultured, educated, virtuous and we have VERY high hopes for her. We love you Sophie girl!!!

August 11, 2006

wait wait wait...

Will I ever sleep again?? That is the question. There is so much to think about who has time to sleep? When I read about the latest typhoon in China my heart was sooo heavy. It is heart wrenching when your daughter is in another country and you cannot protect her. Then I think about, When will we travel? Should we take EG? Will Bert finish his infinite list of things to do? Will my kids really do their schoolwork while I am in China? Is it ok to be taking 3 benadryl a night to sleep?? See I have all these things plus millions more going through my head.
I cannot wait to hear from my friend Marye who came home from Chengdu on Wednesday. I hope she has some news about Sophie. I just want to call her and say "WHAT DID YOU FIND OUT"!!!!!??? But I am sure she is exhausted and I am trying(trying being the keyword) to be patient. I will wait until next week but if I here ANYTHING before then I will post it here ASAP.

August 8, 2006

School is in session

Yesterday was our first day back in school. This is our second year homeschooling. We really love it. Mondays is our pajama that is why we look so glamorous!
Tyler caught this fish today during recess..he couldnt get it off the hook so it was mom to the rescue and then I smelled like fish and was covered in mud. Oh the joys of motherhood.

August 1, 2006

Elizabeth Grace turns 7

Well today was a great day as we celebrated Elizabeth Grace turning 7. We started out going to bowl at Lightning Strikes..went to Konomi for lunch and ended the day at Petsmart with a pet hamster named Chubby. Happy Birthday EG!!