December 12, 2006

more pics

I promise I will post about the day before we go to bed..for now heres more pics


Anonymous said...

Hi Tina, Bert and Sophie ,
Your pictures speak far more than words. Keep the pictures coming.

Love Marye

Anonymous said...

She is adorable! It seems like she's showing some of her "happy side" :) I hope her cold is getting better and everything is going well. Get some sleep! I love you guys and can't wait til ya'll get home. I have lots of hugs and kisses for our Sophie :)


Laura said...

Bout time ! :)
She looks happy. A bundle of joy:)
Aunt Laura

Anonymous said...

She looks so happy, I'm so excited for you Tina, she's just a doll. Misty

Amber Corey said...

Awww!! A smile! She's so darling!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable! The children are so excited to see a picture. We are keeping you all in our prayers. Give her a hug from Uncle Bob and Aunt Amy. What size is she wearing? Love you all, Amy