April 30, 2010

T A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Travel Approval)

I prayed at the beginning of the week that God would give us a miracle and allow our TA to come in this week. I told the Lord I knew it would be a miracle because TA's take at least 2 weeks after your A5 is picked up. I even thought to myself on Thursday, "well the Lord has one more day to do this miracle for me" because nothing happens on the weekends. I was really expecting Monday or Tuesday day 14 or 15 to be the first I would hear anything. WELL, imagine my TOTAL, DISBELIEF and SHOCK when my cell phone rang at 10:42 last night(on day 10) w/ my agency on the other line letting me know they had my TA. I was totally beside myself. After I hung up I was just screaming and yelling my thanks to God. It was just something I asked Him to do for me this week and He did it. I am in awe. He cares about the little things that mean so much to us. And I know I called the TA a "little thing" because in the grand scheme of things I know there are much bigger things people are praying for, but every once in a while God just likes to show off!!! Thanks Lord!!!

April 28, 2010

9 months exactly

So yes, today I am ready to be induced! Do you think Pitocin will make my TA come faster??

April 27, 2010

waiting impatiently

Here are some pictures from our fun time at the lake a couple weekends ago.

I am so over this wait for Jax, my TA cannot come quick enough. Hopefully we only have 1-3 weeks more to wait. I just wish I knew our for sure travel dates!!!

April 19, 2010

Article 5

So my Article 5 was picked up today. Now we finally wait for TA!! 2-4 weeks. So that means the earliest we could expect to see TA would be May 3rd and hopefully the very latest would be May 17th. Our agency is aware that we want to travel ASAP after TA (who doesn't) so hopefully we will leave very quickly! Kathryn and Lisa if you are reading this...it looks like we will travel in May!! Hooray!!

April 13, 2010

It's Tuesday again

So by this time next week my Article 5 should be picked up and we will officially only be waiting on our TA!! I am hoping to be the 2 week from A5 to TA statistic so let's hear it for TA to come in on May 3rd!!!

Here are some random pic's so my posts won't be so boring.

April 6, 2010

Do you realize...

If I were pregnant I would be 8 months 1 week and 2 days along! That means I would be about to give birth at any moment or at least have no more than 3 weeks left to wait. Yep. That is how long we have been looking at our sweet boys picture and longing for him to come home. I really feel we are on the homeward stretch at this point. I have no more paperwork to fill out, no more people I can call and beg to move my stuff along. (at least none that I know of). We just wait. and wait...

April 1, 2010

Another step down...Cabled

I talked to NVC last night (National Visa Center), plus got an email from them this morning. We were cabled yesterday 3/31/10. That basically means they sent/electronically cabled our paperwork to the consulate in Guangzhou China. The consulate is the place where Jax's visa is issued. Whoo hoo. Now all we need is Article 5 and then TA! Down to the last 2 steps. Oh I pray they go quickly! From what I can tell by stalking charts is that the Article 5 takes anywhere from 17-30 days to come. And then TA is usually 2-4 weeks after that.