August 16, 2011

Jax (back post)

Not sure if you remembered Jax having to have surgery a few weeks back.  I took pictures to post and as usual never got around to it.  Jax had reflux in his kidneys so they corrected (hopefully) that issue.  The urologist also thought circumcision was a good idea to cut down on his UTI's.  WOW....that was some kind of painful recovery. Remember that story in the bible where all those men had to be circumcised because somebody "had his way" with somebody else's sister and the only way to atone was all the guys had to be circumcised and then while they were trying to recover they were all  murdered?? (yeah, you didn't hear THAT one in Sunday School). I really feel sorry for those guys. I wasn't sure if any of us would ever get over Jax and his "choe-choe" issues. The boy was naked for days and it didn't matter who was here!! Yes, I know there is a possibility he will not be happy I posted this years from now...but this memory will trigger some hilarious comments the boy made that I cannot post here!
Sleep deprived dad made use of the wait!

Versed before surgery

After the Valium

Blue Bell makes yummy orange popsicles

Homeward bound!
 On a more serious note the waking up from surgery was very traumatic, and nothing could calm him down. It was very heart-breaking. I think there was some PTSD going on from his abandonment situation. Finally one of the anesthesia docs offered him some Valium...phew..that really did the trick and seems like a drug I might like to try :) hee hee jk.  After that he was on to popsicles and not too much later  on our way home.


Just the 4 of Us said...

Poor guy...Riley went postal after his oral surgery a few months back so I know what you mean with the heartbreak...seems like Jax is a trooper...praying for his recovery!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Poor fella....glad that's behind him now! He's such a handsome guy! He's going to be a lady killer! :)

You're too funny.....but it sounds like a drug I wouldn't mind every now and then either! :)


~Kimberly~ said...

Oh boy...I didn't realize he had to have that surgery...and then the other one. Poor baby.
What a cutie he is, Tina.
Hope to talk to you this week.