December 7, 2006

We are in Beijing

Well we made it..we are DOG tired. I thought I was going to die the flight was sooooo long. We are off to bed. Thanks for the prayers. Ok Im NOT off to bed just quite this second. I wanted to post a few pics...but them ambiemn is making me tyoe drunk.,..amndd the rrrommo is spinnning too. So juys ignore those facts, . All the flight and connections went well. But we are going to have to buy a seat for Sophie on the long flight home. Karla if you are reading this,,can you plese help me. I need 3seats for th GZ to Toyko to Detroit.NW Bert and I's are boked we jusst need to add a seat we are using NW and we will pay whatever if they can get that fixed, . They have really have you crammed in there. All the airline food was great. Ok...I am just soo waisted to not ever remembeing feeling so tired. BUT tomorrow the fun starts and we will be feeling rejuventated. I wanted to send a BIG thanks to the Kings for the early morning ride to the airport. She sure didnt look like a CA then..we are corrupting her with our Alabama ways. More news tomorrow.


Alicia Nails said...

I forgot to warn you just how bad the flight is!!! You are lucky you have some time in Beijing to get over jetlag before you get Miss Sophie! Have fun in Beijing - you will love it!!! Alicia

Laura P said...

Thanks!!! Now I can relax :) Glad you all had a safe trip.

Amber Corey said...

Awesome!!!! I'm so glad you updated us!

Marye McKenney said...

Hi Tina and Bert,

SO glad you made it to Beijing safe and sound. Can't wait to see you holding Sophie. Have a great time in Beijing. Iris wanted me to tell you that going up the Great Wall is fun but coming down is scary.

Love Marye

KRT said...

tina...lily and i are working on adding a seat for you guys!

glad you are safe!


Gina said...

Tina, can't wait for you to read your post later. Especially since Burt makes fun of you for just ending with a preposition! Jet lag is for real, huh!
Just giving you a hard time! We are all on pins and needles while you are over there. Can't wait for the 11th and Gotcha Day!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I cant believe you are in Beijing! Have fun at the Great Wall and all the touring! Watch out for peddlers !! :) Robin

Laura P said...

Glad you guys are safe and sound! Now we are waiting for the news of getting Sophie and pics! You and Bert look tired but happy! Good to hear your voice :) Love you guys :)