December 14, 2006


Dads not too bad

Love my momma

Just a few random will only let me post 2-3 at a time. Thanks to everyone who has commented on the blog. Please know I read every one of them even though right now we are just too tired to respond. I am so glad you are sharing "the moment" with us.


Anonymous said...

Do I detect a trend with the hairbows?? HaHa She is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see her in person. I'm so happy for y'all. Be safe and we'll see you all when you get home. Tell EG that I'm sure she will always be Caleb's favorite girl!!

Laura said...

Poor thing only eight pairs of shoes!!?? :) Glad she is warming up to Bert!! When I kept nursery last night w/Amber we were talkling about Sophie ALL night did you feel it Sophie :)I know you did!
Laura Pierce

Joanne Jensen said...

Hey--NICE SHOES!!! Thanks to your inspiration, Tina, I went in and found my blog and posted to it and even got a picture to upload!

Gotta get ready for tomorrow and maybe I'll work on posting again to the blog and even putting something there that somebody might be interested in seeing! Hey, we've got great material in these beautiful daughters and this amazing land! See you in a bit!

Anonymous said...

You guys seem to be having a good time and Sophie looks like she's pretty happy too. Her little smile is just adorable. Ya'll must be telling her about zz :) I love and miss ya'll and can't wait to finally meet our baby girl.


Anonymous said...

Tina & Bert,

Thanks for letting everyone enjoy this precious time with you. I look forward to seeing pictures everyday!


Eric and Michelle said...

She is beautiful!! All 3 of you look so happy together. We love and miss you!!

Amber Corey said...

she is such a cutie!!! Man, I can't wait for yall to be back home!

Aunt Laura :) said...

ok I have had it! I am highjacking a plane to China if you don't hurry up!! Thanks for the Sophie fix today :)
Aunt Laura