June 14, 2007

Sophie and Addie Lu

I was so excited to finally meet Addie Lu. She is VERY smart and such a doll. Sorry my video is so blurry..they were so sweet!

Party time

Sophie Ru Turns 2

The gangs all here

Talking to Mr. Andy
The sun was in their eyes
Last year waiting for our sister Together at Last

Sophie turned 2!! She had so much fun yesterday. We sang Happy Birthday alll day long. And she kept saying "2". Her vocabulary is really starting to pick up! We are still at the beach so we went and celebrated at Lamberts. Then came back to the beach house for cupcakes and homemade ice cream. We celebrated with our friends the McGehee's they bought Sophie the cutest outfit from Gymboree. When we got back to the house we had a surprise visit from the Nails family. Sophie and Addie Lu had a great time meeting each other. I will post a video of that and also pics of Sophie's big birthday party we had at home.

June 12, 2007

First boat ride

Ok, I am way behind on posting these pics.
On Mothers Days some sweet friends of ours invited us to go boating. This was Sophie's first boat ride. She loved it. All the kids enjoyed swimming off the Corey's boat. The older 3 knee boarded and enjoyed Dustin's jet ski. I cant find a pic of Micah knee boarding but he did a great job. Sophie tried out the jet ski, but she wasnt too sure about it. We went and ate at Catfish Cabin afterwards. The kids were so tired. They had just enough energy to order a lot of food but not enough energy to wait up to eat it. They were all asleep in the restaurant by the time the food got there! Thanks Corey family for a fantastic boating day! Ok I just noticed my pics are all out of order. The first ones are the kids sleeping in the restaraunt. I dont know how to get them in the right order.

6 months

WOW!! It is hard to believe yesterday was 6 months ago that we met Sophie for the first time. She has changed and grown so much! She is such a Pierce and we cannot imagine our lives without her. We all fall in love with her more everyday. She definately knows we are her family. I wonder does she remember anything from her life in China.

Tomorrow is her 2nd birthday we have already had her party and I will post those pics soon. We are at the beach this week.
We love you Sophie Ru!!