January 31, 2007


I took these last Wed night..she looked so cute in her pigtails. Much better than the antennas they gave her in China!

Kissing cousins

My nephews and nieces came by to give Micah his birthday present. I got some cute pics of Sophie and Gracie. They are only 2 mos apart. Gracie kept calling Sophie "Ophie" emphasizing the "O" it was very cute! I loved the pic of Gabriel holding Sophie.

Trip to the audiologist

Today we went back to Childrens South for Sophie's hearing test. Unfortunately both ears failed the tympanogram...its where they put this little thing in your ear and blow a puff of air or something...and it measures something in the ear. The lady also said she had mild to moderate hearing loss. The good news is the lady didnt feel like it was anything permanent but most likely fluid or wax impaction which can cause both things(the timpanagram failure and the hearing loss). We have been through all this ear stuff with Micah(5 sets of ear tubes) so hopefully no biggie. Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician. He will most likely give Sophie an antibiotic and decongestant and possibly dig all the wax out of her ears. I have to take her back to the audiologist once her ears are all cleared up for a re-check.

January 30, 2007

Bath time!!

Ohhh there is just nothing that smells as good as a baby fresh out of the tub smothered in lotion!! YUM! That partial body you see in one of the pics is EG. I took some great sister bath pics but promised EG I wouldnt post them!


We had another busy weekend with Micah's birthday party Friday night, Karate testing Sat, and church and the Circus on Sunday. Micah and Elizabeth tested for their next karate belt on Saturday. They both did an awesome job and were moved up in rank! Sophie likes to watch for about 5 minutes then she starts yelling and wants to get out on the floor with them!

The circus was a blast..Sophie loved watching the performance she was just standing in my lap clapping and waving and dancing it was too cute. I know I am a bad mom I have NONE, Zero, Zip, no pictures of us at the circus. There was just too many kids and not enough hands! But I am sure I will remember it forever..yeah right, what was I talking about?

January 29, 2007

Bert and Linzi raced through the obstacle course. Bert barely won..look at that dive!! lol

More party pics

Micah and Nick

Micahs 9th birthday AMY 049
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Geriatric slide

Micahs 9th birthday AMY 040
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Forever friends

Micahs 9th birthday AMY 103
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Mistys gonna kill me

Micahs 9th birthday AMY 046
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Micahs Birthday!

Micah turned 9 Friday. How did that happen? I just had him, like, well I guess it was nine years ago but still feels like yesterday to me! He is growing into a fine young man. He is so kind and compassionate...and very sensitive. He is such a blessing to us! He has a great sense of humor and keeps us laughing! We had his party at Pump It Up here in Trussville. It was so much fun...actually the most fun I have had in quite a while. I know the kids all had a blast you could see it in their faces and we were all a sweaty mess when we were through. Sophie had the time of her life and would have stayed all night long! She could not get enough of the slide. Thank you to all those who came and made this a wondeful birthday for Micah! I cant get any more pics to upload as soon as I do I will post more.

January 23, 2007

Berts gonna kill me!

My sweet husband brought me home these beautiful roses the other day. Well later on that evening I went to lay Sophie on our bed to change her diaper..I moved the pillow and under my pillow was the new Nicholas Sparks book. God has blessed me with such a wonderful husband! I love you babe!

I just had to post these pics of EG. I just love em! This so reminds me of myself as a child. My mom always bought Schwanns frozen burritos. EG is eating a burrito. Of course I didnt eat the burritos for breakfast. I am sure she learned this from Linzi!
She is reading an Archie comic...which those of you who know me..well she comes by it honestly..and of course the hair in the towel is just too cute. I remember my mom wrapping my hair up after getting out of the shower/tub. She always did it so tight!

I like the spice cabinet!


I like to sit in the fridge too.

Just browsing
Yesterday Sophies US citizenship certificate came in the mail. So today I headed down to the social security building and applied for her SS card. I was so pleased at how easy and painless the whole process was. We should have her card within the next 7-10 days. Sophie is doing so well. She FINALLY ate today. She has not been eating well at all for about 2 weeks now. She had 2 Mcdonalds nuggets today and loved them! She seems to really like chicken. I have downsized her bottles and am trying to only let her have 2. I just love feeding her that bottle and rocking her. Every now and then Bert gets a turn with the bottle but I am the only one who has put her to sleep...and I love every second of it! Sophie is truly a gift from God that I am so thankful for. When I was rocking her tonight I just had that "heart swell" (you parents know what I am talking about) there is just nothing like it. Here is a short list of the things Sophie likes to do.
Blow kisses
Say MaMa
Scream Da DAAAAA really loud.
She mimics almost all our actions...for instance. I am usually holding her and vacuuming at the same time. Well I just kick the on/off button with my foot, so everytime Sophie sees the vacuum she walks up to it and kicks it!
She loves to sweep
Tell the dog "No, No and clap her hands at him.
Patty cake...she loves the roll em' up, roll em up part.
She loves to grab my face with her hands and give me a big open mouth kiss.
Sit in my spice cabinet and take everything out.
Wave bye bye.
Tries to say the kids names, does really well with Tyler, sounds like Ty-Lah.
Says LaLa (aunt Laura)
She can sign: eat, more, kitty and dog.(not in that order(lol) I dont know anymore to teach her(she really needs to learn please!!) lol.
She loves and I mean LOVES jumping on the trampoline. If the kids go outside without her she just stares out the window with this pitiful look till someone(daddy) comes and gets her,,,it is too cute. She says "jump, jump, jump" sounds like jmp, jmp, jmp
She also tolerates the car seat for much longer periods now.(like 45 minutes..whoo hoo) I am hoping we can make a visit to grandpa and grandma soon.
Thank you Lord for my precious children!!!

January 22, 2007

Cheese dip duo

Do I like this?

Dip the chip

one more bite

cheese dipping is not for everyone, Sophie.

Let me explain the proper technique.

After church Sunday night Micah taught Sophie how to eat cheese dip. It was so cute. Your a great big brother Micah! Sophie loves you.

More dragonnette pics

Entertain us Gina

More entertainment by Gina

Robin and her babies

Sophie says, "Feed me, Meisi"