December 31, 2009


Whoo hoo, we found out our LID was Christmas day!! 12-25-2009. I am hoping we will travel no later than the beginning of May at this point. It is usually 2.5 mos to LOA and then about 6-8 more weeks after that to TA. I would have no problem if any of these things came sooner!! :)

December 11, 2009

3 year gotcha and DTC!!

3 years ago we were handed a precious beautiful gift and our lives have never been the same! Sophie has opened our hearts and eyes to so much. She is truly a gem. I cannot imagine our home with out her and she it truly a blessing to everyone she meets. We have a little "gotcha day" tradition where the older kids all write a letter, poem anything they would like and then they read it to Sophie. She LOVES it!! The undivided attention of her 3 older siblings is like heaven to her! Then of course we are off to lunch at the local chinese buffet where we are met by Lala, Uncle Bart, KK and Nick...Kaydence has joined us the past two years also. And we were happy that grandma joined us this year too, but she had to leave before we got the camera out.

Is it just coincidence that we are also..... DTC today?? (our paperwork is on its way too China) WOO HOO... One step closer to Jax...can't wait to start our gotcha day celebrations with him too!

December 5, 2009


Sophie was so excite to wake up to snow this morning. She was sneaking down to our room at 7:30 this morning and when she came in our room I told her to look out the window. "HOLY SMOKES" is what she said in her best country accent! She ran upstairs and woke up EG and out they went!! The boys had spent the night at their cousins so they missed out on our fun.

December 3, 2009

Well, our tree is up and the house is decorated. We had to do a lot of running around today for things actually not related to the adoption...I know *gasp*. Kids had dentist appointments, then had to return stuff to the store, then chinese food..I was hoping for a great fortune cookie that would say "you will travel to distant land soon"...but NO, mine said "you will find something you lost next week"...the only thing I have lost lately is my mind and I don't think it will be returning next week. Then off to the library and the kids are now at karate. I am waiting to hear from my courier if she has sent my forms on to my agency...*fingers crossed*