July 28, 2007

More cute VBS pics

VBS is over the kids are sad and the workers are glad!! lol. What a wild week. We had 150 kids on one night...and stayed over 100 all of the nights.

I dont think I will post any more pics of Sophie for about a week b/c she has a BLACK EYE!!! sob'. I couldnt even take her to our Lifeline adoption reunion thingie that I have sooo been looking forward to going to, b/c her eye looks so bad. She and her daddy..keyword DADDY...were riding in the go cart and somehow a piece of would popped up and got her right under the eye. Praise God it did not go in her eye. Needless to say black eyes get worse every day until they are gone. So right now we are still in the blue-ish purple stage with green to come. If I can get a pic that doesnt look too horrible I will post so you all can see. Daddy felt horrible and Sophie is so tough she doesnt mind it at all!!

Taylor and her Uncle Bert

I love these pics of Taylor and Bert!! So sweet.

July 26, 2007

Sophie at VBS #2

Another cute video of Sophie and EG dancing. Sis. Bonnie was getting so tickled!

Sophie at VBS

We are having a awesome time at avalanch ranch at VBS. Sophie really enjoys the music and of course everyone is egging her on!

4th of July part 2

July 3, 2007

Swimming pool fun!

Sophie loves "sgetti"

What is it about the beach that gives you an insatiable appetite for food!! AHHH I love to eat and eat when I am down here. So does the rest of my family. Sophie really loved this spaghetti..she couldn't get enough and she wanted to feed herself.

July 1, 2007


I dont know why but on some of my slide shows there are random pics of people I have no clue who they are. I dont even know how they got on there or how to get them off...

Sophie's unexpected bath

Ok, I literally had just gotten Sophie out of the shower with me. I put this adorable beaux et belles smocked lady bug outfit on her. She had her bow in, she wanted to put on socks so I let her and I figured I would take them off if we went anywhere. Well, I went to get some clothes out of the dryer...I get them out and I am folding them. I hear her talking so I go investigate. Well, EG had taken a bath earlier and left the water in the tub...Sophie had proceeded to get in the tub..happy as a clam dressed to a T!! lol. She is so silly!

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Back to the beach

Well, if you couldn't tell we are back at the beach again. It is gorgeous here and we are having a great time doing...NOTHING!! How great is that. I was soo lazy and slept until 11:00am. I cannot tell you the last time I have slept that late. My wonderful husband got up with the kids and made a yummy breakfast. He even saved me some biscuits and gravy. Bart and Laura are coming on Tuesday and we can't wait. We always meet up with Pop's grandkids while we are down here so those are the other kids you see in the pictures. I have just figured out the whole slide show thing, it was very easy. Have a happy 4th!!

Check out my Slide Show!

Check out my Slide Show!