July 30, 2006

Soo sweet...

These are pictures Monica(our Chengdu angel)sent me a while back. She took these before she even realized Sophie was ours. Sophie is around 10-11mos in these pictures. I am hoping the orphanage will allow Marye to take some more pictures for us..as she is there in Chengdu now. I will keep you posted.


We have met many wonderful people on our adoption journey. This is our friend Marye and her daughter Iris. We met them on the Chengdu yahoo group. Marye said she would happy to meet up with us at the Atlanta Aquarium. Her husband was not able to come b/c he was doing some last minute things to prepare for their trip to China. Marye and her family are in Chengdu this very moment. She took our care package to our precious Sophie for us. She is getting Anna on the 31st. So I think in China that would actually be today. Their daughter Iris is a doll as you can see in the picture. Please keep them in your prayers as they are in China.

July 26, 2006


Yes...we are sooo excited to be DTC. Karla mailed our dossier this afternoon. So now we are officially waiting for TA(travel approval). Please pray it will come very quickly. We need to get to our baby girl!!! Thanks for all the prayers for the quick 797H they really worked.

July 19, 2006

IT"S Here!!!!

I pulled up to the mailbox at around 2:30 and I was soooo excited to see our 797 in there!!! We are thrilled! I went and had it notarized and county certified and was back home by 3:45! We are taking a road trip to Montgomery in the morning for the state certification and then mailing it off to mychinaodcs. Cindy at mychinadocs said we should have it back by Tuesday!!! Whooopeeee!!!

July 16, 2006

Good News!!

Well we received an email on Friday from CIS that they have processed our form and they are mailing it out. I am really hoping that means we will have it by Tuesday at least!! If all that works like we are hoping we should be DTC the 28th...oh I hope it works out!!! Our HS went to CIS on June 22nd...so this is much sooner than we expected. Hooray!

July 12, 2006

We have PA!!

Yes!! We have pre-approval from China. This basically means China knows we exist and they have said yes we can adopt Ji Ru Xian they are now just waiting on our dossier to get to them! And of course as soon as we get the 797 China will get our dossier.

July 11, 2006

still waiting...

Well today I received our documents back from mychinadocs.com. So this means everything is done being notarized, certified and authenticated...that is everything EXCEPT the 797. My SW emailed me yesterday and said CIS/INS in Atlanta is still backed up she said someone who has been there since May has still not received their 797. I am hoping it will speed up right now!!!

July 6, 2006

New Pictures of Princess Xian Xian!!

More updated pictures

We were so excited when we checked our email on Tuesday morning and a lady I had met through the Chengdu yahoo board had emailed me pictures of Xian Xian!! She took them on the 4th of July. How cool is that? I am waiting on Meilighs mom(see link) to post them for me! We have been at CIS 2 weeks now..hopefully only 2 more!