March 31, 2010

Care Package

We mailed Jax a care package a few weeks ago. I just heard from Ann at Red Threads that she received our package and would be mailing it to him tomorrow. We were able to include a self addressed stamped envelope in our package and I would just LOVE to get something from Jax. Oh my word just the thought of hearing from him makes me so happy!
So, how much does it cost to send a care package if you mail it yourself?
Contents- about $30.00
Courier fee- $33.00
Shipping- $76.00
Total= $139.00
I sent him a pair of Transformer Pj's, an outfit, coloring book and markers, Ultraman stickers, Pez dispenser, bouncy balls, pictures of our family, suckers to share, balloons to share, socks for the orphanage, nuts and chocolates for foster family. And of course a letter telling him how much we love him and that we are coming on a big plane soon to get him. EG and Sophie both drew him pictures and I included those also. Our MAC has a cool app where it translates english to chinese so I was able to label all the stuff so they would know who to give it to.
I am so anxious to bring our sweet boy home!!!

March 30, 2010

3 weeks

So today is 3 weeks from LOA. The "average" from LOA to TA can fall anywhere between 8-12 weeks. Which means we have 5-9 weeks left before we should get our TA.
I have been spring cleaning around here. Cleaning windows, scrubbing floors etc. Bert is nesting more than I am and he has major outdoor projects going on and he is about to give me a nervous breakdown! I know what he is doing outside will be beautiful when he is finished, I am just selfish and want him to spend all his time w/ us instead of "projects". (plus he keeps tracking dirt in on my clean floors!)

March 26, 2010

One more step down

The wonderful officer Harrison just called to let me know my I800 was approved and I am being overnight to the NVC!!!

March 24, 2010

Workin' the camera

Sophie LOVES/LIVES to have her picture taken. Well, today is picture day at pre-school. So since she looked so adorable I wanted to take some quick pictures at home before she left. She needed no coaching...

March 23, 2010

2 weeks

Ok, week 2....still nothing. My birthday was yesterday. My sweet husband called the US*IS to see if he could find out anything and give me good news for my birthday. But NOPE! They still don't have my paperwork, we still don't have an officer. I hope to hear something the end of this week or maybe by Monday for sure. The average wait for this step is 19 days, and today is day 14. There are many steps that have to take place before we are issued our TA (travel approval) and this one is just the first of many.

Meanwhile we went to the park and enjoyed gorgeous weather Friday...and then it was snowing Monday...hmmmm

March 17, 2010

Give Away

No, not my give a way but a very cute give away to celebrate the arrival of Spring head on over here to check this out!!

March 16, 2010

1 week

She want's her brother home!

Ok, one week down since LOA...I am hoping we receive some kind of receipt from USCIS this week saying they received our I800.

I would so love to leave on May 19th for China (if not sooner) because that will put us back home just in time for my kids Bible Quizzing finals. My kids are memorizing the books of Acts this year. Then they go compete against other kids/churches from around the state in a scholar's bowl type setting. So far, their team which consists of Micah, Elizabeth and their cousin Nick, is first in the state.If you win finals then you go to MO and compete in National's. And believe my when I say memorize it has to be word for word perfect a lot of work and time goes into it and it would be such a shame for them to miss the finals. But if we are in China it will be worth it!

March 9, 2010

Guess what she brought?

Yep, our LOA!!! Whoo hoo! I was soo happy to meet the sweet Fed-Ex lady at the door!!! (well actually the driveway)
I went ahead and already mailed the LOA back..even though it just came this morning. Yes, all 74 days of waiting and it was only in my possession for about 2 hours. So now we have a few more hoops to jump through with TA being our ultimate goal..(as far as paperwork). I am really hoping to travel middle of May. "They" say 8-12 week from LOA to TA. Our agency said if everything goes smoothly that I could expect that mid-May travel. Please pray for smooooth sailing!! Thanks!!!