October 28, 2009

Our home study is finally on its way to NBC/CIS after a very long month at DHR. We have our fingerprint appointment tomorrow and I am really hoping we will get our 797 next week. That is the FINAL piece of paper that we need to send off our dossier. My goal was to be DTC by Nov 12th..chances are slim but I think it could happen.
I am constantly checking other adopting family timelines and it looks like from the time you are DTC/LID to travel time is somewhere close to 5 months give or take a month or two.
We took the kids to get their passports today so that is one more thing checked off our list!! Woo Hoo

October 14, 2009

Look mom...NO WHEELS..training wheels.

We were so excited that Sophie learned to ride her bike w/ out training wheels while we were camping. Her siblings were cheering her on like crazy it was so cute to see how happy they were for her. EG took a lot of great videos for us.

No News

Unfortunately, I have no new adoption news. I am waiting until we are DTC to send Jax another package and to try and get more pics of him. Our HS is still at DHR and I can't remember the exact time frame (I think my brain is in denial) but I think my SW said it could take up to 6 weeks. :( Then from DHR our HS(home study) has to go to CIS where they will match it up w/ my I800A application and then send us an appointment to get fingerprinted and then we wait for our final form we need for our dossier. So to be honest our "official" wait has not even began. I was really hoping to be DTC by our Anniversary Nov 12th.
Whoa is me. :(

Camping again

Last Wednesday we headed over to Lake Guntersville to do some camping. It was sooooo nice! Our new favorite campsite. The kids enjoyed a lot of biking, fishing..didn't enjoy hiking, enjoyed reading and playing A LOT of cards..and eating a lot of s'mores! On Friday Amber came and joined us and actually stayed with the kids so Bert and I could go to our church married's retreat which just happened to be at The Lodge at Guntersville state park which worked out perfectly. We were all sad to come home Monday and get back to the daily grind.
Amber feel free to add your pics on here!!

Button Bear

Two weeks ago Sophie had the privilege of bringing Button Bear home from pre-school. We were to take Button with us everyday and let him share in our daily activities. Well, our first trip was to the grocery store where Sophie and Button helped me pick out yummy treats. Then we went home and made some fall crafts with grandma and siblings. The next day we took Button with us for Sophie's 4 year check up. She had to get 3 shots (Button declined his shots). Then we got to take Button with us to celebrate grandpa's 65th birthday!! Button also was able to meet Sophie's Great Uncle and Aunt from Wisconsin(who also brought us yummy veggies from their garden). We are sure Button was pretty exhausted when he headed back to school on Tuesday.