July 1, 2010

Busy week

We have had a busy week! Sunday was Jax first time in Sunday school and I am thrilled to say he LOVED it!! You can tell being around other kids is definitely his forte.

All the kids had dental appointments on Tuesday. Everyone looked good. We had Dr. Parker guess Jax age and he said dentally he is between 6 and 6.5. His teeth looked great and he tolerated it all very well. After the dentist it was a quick run through Chic-fil-a drop the older kids off and head to his chinese tutor. He was very quiet at first but then began to really open up to her in the last 15-20 minutes. She is a very sweet teacher and he told her he is happy he will keep his chinese language.

Then Wednesday we were off to the IAC. JAx is still only 38 pounds and 45 inches. The visit went really well. They thought he was adjusting great! He did have to have a renal u/s and one if his kidneys is bigger than the other so we will be seeing a urologist in September, so we now have vision appointments, hearing tests and urology to go!!

His adjustment at home is going really well. MUCH better than I expected. He is learning to follow rules and obey. He is a great little helper(when he wants to be). He has donned my big backpack vacuum and helped with cleaning the kitchen. He empties the silverware. And he and Sophie enjoyed working with Baba on the deck. He is such a sweetie. When he gets up in the morning he comes and crawls in the bed and snuggles and then he whispers "coffee" to me a hundred times b/c he knows the temptation will get me out of bed!! He ate roast tonight and all of his texas toast and rice. He still likes to have noodles at least once a day. He loves cookies and loves to dunk them in milk! He has a great sense of humor! He also knows how to show empathy which I am very thankful for. He LOVES and I do mean LOVES his baby cousin Olivia. He was so upset today when he saw O's band-aids from her shots. He made sure La La saw them and that she knew he was sad for O. He wants to feed, touch and hold her all the time!! Just between Sophie and Jax I don't think Olivia will ever learn to walk!! He also loves one of my best friends little boy, Lucas. Lucas is about 20 months and Jax loves to hold him too! He really enjoys playing with his older siblings. They are very sweet and gentle with him. They are currently all running from room to room shooting each other with nerf guns! Oh and one more thing. How did just adding one more child add S000000 much more laundry? I just don't get it!