June 3, 2010

You haven't really lived.....

until you have seen your life flash before your eyes in the front seat of a chinese taxi. Can I get an amen from all of you BTDT AP's. Oh wow, that was quite the experience. I mean I am ready to meet the Lord, I just didn't think it was going to be by death of a taxi in Chengdu. I was feeling like the worst parent ever sitting in the front seat with my teeth gritted, sweat running down the backs of my knees, trying not to grab the sissy bar every 10 seconds, scared to death I was about to kill 3 of my now 5 children. But alas we did live, and when we got out Tyler was like "mom, that was nothing". "sigh"

So yesterday we visited DuFu's Thatched Cottage. He was a famous painter here in Chengdu and that is about all I remember of the tour. Jax was more interested in running off ahead, then he had some stomach issues so it wasn't all that great. He spent a lot of the time there mad b/c he got in trouble for running off. BUT the good thing is he didn't run off any more that day so he is slowly learning the "way of Pierce" lol. After the cottage it was on to the monastery. Buddha was fat and happy everywhere and people were in there rubbing all kinds of statues and bowing and everything was very ritualistic very sad. So thankful I know the Lord.

Then we went back to the hotel went over our paperwork and decided to head out on our own to Happy Valley.(That was the taxi rides)(I have made a friend in the Yost family, they live here in Chengdu and although I was hoping to meet up with them while we were here it didn't work out but she has been sweet enough to answer my questions about what to do for fun while we are here.) Happy Valley is almost the equivalent of Six Flags. Most of the rides weren't open but the older kids enjoyed all the ones that were open. Sophie and Jax were able to ride the Ferris Wheel and they both loved that. Jax saw the popcorn and wanted me to buy him some. He got the box of the popcorn and Sophie went to get some and a few pieces fell on the ground. Well you have never seen a boy look so brokenhearted at fallen popcorn. I convinced him not to pick it up, but he was not about to let Sophie put her hand back in the box and waste more of his precious fare! So, he was happy to share but he gave it to her piece by piece after that. lol Also at the amusement park I think we should have charged for people to look at us b/c we felt like some kind of freak show with all the stares!! lol. We were the only Americans PLUS we had 5 children!
We ended the day at the store and Jax picked out a toy he really wanted,(well he picked out several but we stayed true to our task). He wanted the american equivalent of Bey Blades. Well, when we got back to the hotel he and the older boys had a great time playing with those. It is funny b/c if Jax lost he immediately wanted to switch toys so he could have the "winning one" too funny! Oh well I have rambled on long enough. We head to Guangzhou today. Enjoy the pics!!

Oh, I forgot to mention we also went to a brocade factory and we also ate at this awesome vegetarian restaurant near the monastery. It was called Lotus. It was no smoking (HALLELUJAH) and the food was the best we have had so far. We were all a little apprehensive when the guide told us it was vegetarian...well let me tell you they know how to cook there. No wonder Buddha is so fat!


The Ferrill's said...

Oh Tina! I have been watching for a new post! I love thepic of Jax and you kissing! He sounds like such a little cutie! Love picturing him and Sophie with the popcorn!
And AMEN about the taxi ride! Yikes!
Have fun in Guangzhou! Are you staying at the Garden?
Hugs to you all! We continue to pray!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh Tina, that's the best thing I've read all day! That was hilarious! I can just see you in that taxi! Thanks for the warning!

Love the picture of you and Jax in the kiss! So sweet!

Sounds like ya'll are celebrities there!

I'm loving your posts! Thanks for sharing with us!

We got our TA & CA. We leave for China on June 16th! Finally! :)


Anonymous said...

Guess I can relate to riding in taxi-its like riding with Tina anytime! lol.You could probably give them a few lessons. Maybe Tyler was relating the ride to your driving. Love the pic of Jax drinking Sprite. Elizabeth has really gotten taller since we last saw you.Is your mom dealing with the trip well? Love to all!

Kimiopia said...

Awwe Tina! You all are so blessed! I am totally inspired by what you've done with your children...ALL of your precious children. I'm just so happy for you and Bert!
Much love to you!

Michelle O said...

I love reading your writing!!! The pictures of the kids are of course great. I LOVE the last one with all of them sitting down!

Have fun!


Marla and S.J. said...

Tina! Are you in GZ? Can't wait for your pictures! Your family looks so happy in all the pictures, enjoy your new adorable little guy, he looks so happy!