June 5, 2010

Guangzhou at last!

I will start with Friday. Our guide from our first trip to Chengdu came and took us out for lunch. Her name is Susie and we really love her. She is so sweet and we were so honored that she took us out too lunch and introduced us to her two year old son. She was so happy to see Sophie...and thanked us over and over for coming and adopting Jax. Then Peggy, our guide for this trip came and took us to another temple = boring.(sorry Sis. Sutton I tried to be interested) Then it started to rain just as we were getting to the ancient street. The kids and Bert found some disgusting things to eat at a street market and yes some kind of squidy, fishy thing was part of it.

Then we were off to the airport for Guangzhou. I wish you could have seen Jax face as the plane took off. PURE delight. He was so excited. The funny thing is he pulled out that little card in the back of the seats that tells you what to do in case of emergency. He kept pointing to the ones that showed the plane going down into the water and gasping! Then he pointed to the one where you do the emergency exit down the inflatable slide. I think he was somewhat disappointed that we didn't crash. lol

I was so happy to be in Guangzhou. Laine, you were not kidding about the Garden Hotel, it is the BOMB!!! We love it. My boys found a room here with a ping pong table so they are in heaven. They are also so happy that my friends Kim and Carla have their kids here so now they have someone to hang out with. We ate lunch at chinese fast food. Jax was very adamant about what he was pointing out he wanted on the menu. I just nodded my head yes so when they finally brought out the chicken feet everyone wondered whose they were. Well, let me tell you that boy can eat some toes!

We also had our medical exam today. He did really well and thankfully only had to have 2 shots. He did not even cry..just whimpered a little. Then he liked showing his siblings his band aids and battle scars. He knew he had been so tough and that we were all proud of him. Oh yeah, it was also so neat to see Lilly and Rebecca again. They are the coordinators for the Lifeline families and we were with them our first trip to China. Ok, so now on to Jax's favorite part of today. Yo-Yong. Swimming. You should have seen his face light up when he saw the pool. He was just squealing with delight and as I am sure you can tell by the pictures he is going to love our pool at home!! He is so funny. He would squirt Sophie with the squirt gun, I mean all in her ears, her eyes and she was finally getting fed up. I told her to splash him when he did that. Well, the first time she splashes him he starts hollering "MAMA MAMA..SOPHIA, dkgfjhsdfgkaf,jffjflkjdsf" (that's chinese) Oh he was just a tattling on her! lol. He loves to dish it out. (sounds like someone I know).

Tonight we also had dinner at a Italian Restaurant called Bongiornio's. How cool is that? Our favorite italian food at home is also Bongiornio's! Jax is really starting to understand us more and he really wants to please us. He tries not to use chopsticks and uses a fork and spoon together like chopsticks. I WANT him to use the chopsticks but he sees all of us without them and want's to be like us!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. When we first left our room to go to the pool Jax could not believe we were leaving our room without shoes on and kept going on and on about Sophie and EG not having shoes on then he finally gave in and took his off. Then we get to the elevator and he reminds me again that the 3 of them now do not have shoes on. Well, we get down to the pool and to the water and I take his shirt off..well he proceeds to take his swim trunks off too!! So, we got those pulled back up but as soon as they were done swimming he wanted them off. So I took them off and wrapped him in a towel so now he is butt naked. Well, of course he doesn't mind and loses his towel several times much to his oldest sisters horror! She said she is never going back to the pool with us again!!


Sakura90 said...

LOL! That is awesome! Love the pics!

Lifeisgoodmom said...

Jax is one lucky little boy to have you guys as his family! and Matt and Jax have something in common - they both like chicken feet! Matt has an asian friend whose mom cooks them - they will have to eat chicken feet together sometime! Miss you guys!


Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

LOL! The part about him taking his bathing suit off is hilarious. :)

Oh, and my mom said to tell you that I'm Tammy(as in Luke's mom)'s daughter.


The Ferrill's said...

OKay this is my most favorite post! I am laughing about the chicken feet, Jax tattling, naked at thepool.....oh my goodness! It sounds like he is learning so many new things and taking it all in stride! I can not wait to meet that littleman!
Enjoy GZ and the Garden! I'm SO glad yall love it!

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


So funny about Jax in the plane and shedding his trunks to swim! I bet it's so fun watching him seeing all things as new! Have lots of fun!

(And I don't think the temples would impress me much either). :)


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hey Tina,

That was me...Tammy...Country Girl at Home...Joy was signed on to my computer and I didn't realize it!