June 16, 2010

Jet lag be gone!

Still hanging in there. I am hoping the jet lag will soon be gone. I actually slept all the way till 4:45 this morning so that is a good sign. Sophie didn't get up until 6 am and Jax is still sleeping. EG fell asleep at 6:30 pm last night and was up at 3:30am but did fall back asleep. Bert is back to work at nights( I don't even know how he is functioning) and the boys left for church camp yesterday. So life goes on and stays busy wether we are sleepy or not.
Sunday morning when we were up early, Bert and I got some puzzles out for S and J. Well, I don't think Jax has done puzzles before b/c his spacial reasoning seemed off to me. He would just try to make the pictures fit where ever wether they were edge pieces, middle pieces etc. Well, yesterday morning he and I were up at 5 and he pointed to the puzzle and he wanted to do it himself. AND it didn't take long and he HAD done it himself! He was so proud! Unfortunately, he has been watching his older sister make faces at the camera so now he thinks it is funny to do the same...thus these pictures.


Michelle O said...

How funny! It is very rare I get a non funny face the first several times I take a picture of Benjamin.

Carla said...

too funny on the faces! My kids do that too!!! and I agree, jet lag BE GONE! My dh had to go back to work on Monday morning, and he's been there all week. He has 2-3 vacation days but he chose to save them for Sarah's surgery. We go next Tuesday to the cardiologist...still don't have a definite answer on whether or not our pediatrician will accept her or not, nor do we have pediatrician visit scheduled. Oh well. Baby steps at this point. ;)