June 22, 2010

What have we been up to?

Sorry for the lack of posting. Life has been busy. Hard to believe that I cannot get anything done! Jax is still adjusting well. He has only had one major fit since we have been home and that was Saturday so we decided it was best to keep him home from church Sunday and let him get more adjusted. We went to the doctor last week for this rash he has on his hands. They said it was some kind of sweat gland thing, and it makes little blisters on his hands but they don't seem to bother him. He was 45 inches tall and 40 pounds at the doctor. He wears between a 5t and a 6, but we HAVE to have adjustable waist. Ok what else. He loves our pool, and we swim at least once a day. He loves squirt guns. He got a new bike and now has scabby knees. He really likes batteries. I mean a WHOLE lot. He thinks they can fix anything and he is always taking things apart and putting new batteries in them. He can add, subtract and write in chinese and then translate it into the English letter's. He loves to be held. He gives me kisses on his own. He sleeps in the bedroom off of the study instead of the boy's room. We feel it is best to keep him closer to us right now. He likes the book Brown Bear Brown Bear and says most of it right along with us. He likes Archie's(go figure). We have picked blackberries together, he has been to Wal-Mart twice and Mcdonald's once. He loves them both! He loves our little dog Banjo..almost too much, Banjo has been so patient! He loves to go swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's. We use google translate several times a day and that has been a life saver! I just wish there was something he could type in to to tell us things. I have found a chinese school here in Birmingham that he will go to once or twice a week. And we will still homeschool him when school starts back. We just don't want him to lose his chinese over the summer.
So how is Sophie adjusting to her new brother? She is doing as well as can be expected. She tattles on him constantly (and vice versa). She is sad that we hold him so much and everything he touches she decides she wants to play with too! So, we are seeing a new side to her but all in all she is doing great we just make sure we reassure her that just b/c Jax is here we don't love her any less he just needs a lot from us right now. They mimick each other constantly and Sophie keeps making up her own language (she thinks is chinese) so we have to tell her to stop b/c he will never learn English!
Tyler, Micah and EG are really doing great with him. I was worried b/c in China the boys didn't interact with him as much as I had hoped but now that we are home it is good. Tyler and Jax play ball together. Jax LOVES to watch Micah play video games and tell Micah how to play(all in chinese of course). He and EG have played cards together(he really knows how to play, but the kids say he cheats!), legos and a lot of other fun stuff. The older kids get so tickled at him! They ALL enjoy swimming together.
I would say Jax favorite English words so far are Mama, Baba, eat and "NO Sophia!" (for some reason when he says Sophie it sounds like Sophia).

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Carla said...

sounds like he is doing GREAT!!!! It's so hard to believe that we've not even been home for 2 weeks yet. Thanks for updating. :)