June 2, 2010

Panda Base

Today we visited the Panda base that Chengdu is famous for. It was a lot of fun and EG got to hold a baby panda and all the kids and grandma held the Red Panda's.

Jax is still doing good. I don't mean to make it sound like everything is perfect with Jax but it all feels like so far it is stuff we can deal with. He likes to ignore us and run away from us so we have been having to be more stern. He gets upset pretty quickly when he doesn't get his way. I asked our guide to tell him that just b/c we tell him no that doesn't mean we don't love him and that we are trying to teach him how to fit into our family. She told him...and..he still gets mad..lol. I have told the older kids and Sophie not to give him his way all the time.

For those of you that are adopting an older child, it is AWESOME! I am just trying to keep it real. I am so glad God has ordered our steps to Jax. Also, some of the things you might want to bring for your older child are sunglasses and a watch. He loves those things! He also loves Sophie's Leapster. We bought him a DSI but have decided at this point not to give it to him yet. I might just hold on to it until his birthday in August. Have I mentioned how smart he is?? He loves math and can add better than me(not surprising). He knows all the English alphabet and the sounds.We brought flashcards so he is practicing his English. Sorry if I already told you all this stuff I can't see my blog so I can't remember what I have already posted.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. We ate Hot Pot today. It is like the Melting Pot by us, but much cheaper and it taste a lot different. Bert and Sophie both ate the fish! They have two different broth's one is spicy one is mild. Well, you can guess which one Bert chose. He literally had sweat running down his face!! We all really enjoyed ourselves and now have very full bellies!


Aaron and Erica said...

Wow, those Panda pictures are great! I love seeing pictures of your whole big family there in China...it reminds me of our large group (our family of 5 plus 3 grandparent's). I wonder if Rebekah will make fun of all your luggage when you get to GZ like she did us :) Please tell her hello when you make it there!

Just the 4 of Us said...

Looks like a very fun day...I bet Jax is soooo overwhelmed with excitement but it should get better with time...those blue gowns look very familiar? Seems I wear those quite a bit at work? lol
Enjoy your day!

The Ferrill's said...

Holding a PANDA? What an experience!
I'm so thankful to hear everything is going well with you all! Jax just looks like he BELONGS! Of course there will be hiccups along the way...it's like that with ALL our children , amen? I know the Lord is equipping you with everything you need to be Jax's forever family! It sounds like he is doing so well and has a very sweet personality. All kids have to test their parents and find those boundaries to be secure! He is a brave little boy....
Hugs to you all from your home state!
Did you hear there will be a run-off for the rep. nominee for gov? VERY exciting stuff going on back home! :)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hey Tina,

Jax is such a cutie, so smart, and he sounds like such a great fit to your family! I guess you know they fit in when they're already getting mad at you, right? lol!

I love all the panda pics! Keep the posts coming!


Anonymous said...

OMGoodness! Tina, every time I read your post I cry! I'm so happy for you guys! Congrats on a beautiful addition to your family! Jax is one very blessed lil guy! Love you! Dana

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see him.. It looks like he and Sophie are bonding very well. I'm so excited for her. I'm so glad he's doing so well. Keep the post coming.

Miss you guys,

Michelle O said...

He looks SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I was just able to look at the pictures and catch up on the progress, the pictures are Great! Hope you come back soon, I cannot wait to meet him. Will you be at ARC?

Chris and Christa Burbank said...

We are so excited that you have finally have Jax!!!! We are Chris and Christa Burbank we met you at the Lifeline Banquet last year we were all at the same table!!!! We are praying for you all for great attachment and wonderful travel!!! Tell Rebecca the Chris, Christa and Ella Grace Burbank said HI!!!!

The Isbell Family said...