June 1, 2010

Day 2 with Jax

I wanted to start this post by thanking everyone for all the sweet comments and emails. I love reading them and they encourage us so much. It is only noon here and we are going out to do some more paperwork at 2:00 but I wanted to post some pictures of the Sichuan Opera from last night and of us going to the park this morning. Bert had a massage before the Opera and he loved it! To answer a few questions. No, Jax does not speak English. He did count to 10 in English this morning and also knows some of the English alphabet. He might know all of it but he wont hold still long enough to tell us!! He did run off ahead of us a couple of times when we were out and about....so we have been carrying him and letting him ride on his Baba's back. He did great sleeping his first night. He and Sophie slept in the bed with us last night and he didn't get up till after 9am! He likes all the kids but I definitely think Sophie is his favorite. She is so happy to have someone her size to play with. We are currently calling Jax, "Ke Ke" that is his chinese name and that is the only thing he will answer too. The language barrier is not as horrible as I thought. We just talk to him in English and he talks to us in Chinese and we all do a lot of pointing.


Aaron and Erica said...

Tell Bert I'm jealous...the massage is one thing I regret never doing while we were in China!

I'm so glad you guys got to bring the whole family. What an amazing experience for all of your children!

Still praying...

cbedings@aol.com said...

OMW...this is so awesome. I'm suppose to be working, but I can't stay away from your blog. KeKe is so-ooooo cute. Tina, does Sophie still speak Chinese & can she communicate with KeKe in Chinese? Can hardly wait to see everyone.
Love, Cha-Cha

Lilly's Family said...

Congratulations Tina! Jax is adorable. It has been wonderful to follow your journey as we count down the days until ours begins. . . 3 more and we are off!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Jax is so stinkin' cute! I just want to hug him! He sounds like such a fun little guy and like a ball of energy too! I'm enjoying your posts....keep them coming! It helps me with my wait too! :)


Sharing Life and Love said...

Congratulations! Jax is such a good looking boy---and he looks so comfortable with you all.

Enjoy this time :-)

Busy Mom said...

Congratulations to you ALL!! Jax is one Blessed little fella!! Love all the pictures. Praying for a safe trip home for you guys!! {And more McDonald's french fries ;o)}

Pastor Micah Sutton said...

You guys are incredible. What you are doing is both crazy and incredibly loving. You humble me by your love.
We are praying for you.

Love you,
Micah Sutton